Fumiya, Lou, and Andre, join Yamyam in ‘PBB Otso’ big four

Fumiya Sankai, Lou Yanong, and Andre Brouilette join Yamyam Gucong to complete the first adult big four last Wednesday (March 27) night in Pinoy Big Brother Otso as Kuya opens the public voting for their batch’s big winner.

Of the five housemates remaining, viewers saved Fumiya, Lou, and Andre, as Shawntel Cruz and Thea Rizaldo exit after getting 5.56% and 5.16% of the votes, respectively.

The 'big four' is the second one after the first teen batch 'big four,' which are composed of Jelay Pilones, Kaori Oinuma, Karina Bautista, and Lie Reposposa.

But before the completion of the first adult batch 'big four,' all of the six housemates were tested in the 'harapan tapatan,' wherein the house challengers asked them tough questions from viewers. If they feel they could no longer answer the questions being thrown at them, Kuya encouraged them to press the red button, which would provide them a way out, but not without consequences: a valuable thing they presented would be burned in front of their eyes.

Surprises did not end there as Kapamilyas were given a glimpse of the second batch of the teen housemates. Composed of eight girls and eight boys, the new housemates will battle each other in the 'The Big Island Adventure,' which will air on March 31.  

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