PBB Otso Daily Updates: Housemates successfully win weekly task, get premium package for Mitch’s wedding

After two days of persistently and tirelessly constructing the 8-decked cake composed of cards to give Mitch Talao and Dudz Ibañez a grandiose ceremony for their forthcoming nuptials, the Pinoy Big Brother Otso housemates finally finished their task and won their highly desired premium package.

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In last night’s episode, we witnessed how they struggled building the second layer as the playing cards kept on sliding and collapsing, which cost them huge portion of the time allotted for the task and wasted their efforts and energies. Thus, task leaders Wakim Regalado and Apey Obera considered using tissues to make the cards more stable.

However, before they were able to get their request, Kuya gave them a special challenge that they enthusiastically accepted, especially the male housemates Mark Obera, Andre Brouillette, Fumiya Sankai, and Yamyam Gucong. Since he noticed how they seemed to act like ninjas while hurling the cards to the watermelon’s face, Kuya came up with the idea of asking them to dress like one by wearing their bathrobes and a band on their forehead.  They also introduced themselves like ninjas and displayed their fighting stances that absolutely made the viewers LOL (laugh out loud). They were dubbed the “Fruit Ninjas”.

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After innumerable attempts, they eventually got the number of paper towels they needed and proceeded on helping the other housemates in finishing the remaining layers of the card cake. Although they already achieved the standard package upgrade, they still didn’t give up until they reached the last level and the bride-to-be was able to put the cake topper, marking the success of their task.

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At the same time, Big Brother also gave Mitch a special task which will determine the type of gown she’s going to wear on her D-Day. He showed her the different sketches of premier designer Renee Salud that are classified into basic, standard, deluxe, and premium.

The challenge: she has to toss bouquets of flowers like a bride and shoot them on the human vases – which are going to be the housemates. Similar with the cake of cards, each bouquet that she’s going to shoot is equivalent to a certain type of gown. She’ll get the basic if she scores nil, the standard if she has three, the deluxe if she has 6, and the premium if she has eight.

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She was also tasked to screen the Star Dreamers who were tapped to be in-charge in the reception, and choose who among them can be the hosts, the performers, the waiters/waitress, and the other auxiliary staff. She sought the assistance of fellow housemates Abi Kassem and Lou Yanong during the auditions.

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Certainly, an episode of PBB Otso will never be complete without a FumiYam moment. And this time, the PSB (or Pogi Spiritual Brothers) brought us mirth as they wore their vase-shaped headpiece and painted each other’s faces with the color corresponding to it, transforming them into “Vase Brothers”.

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Will Mitch succeed in the new challenge she’s going to face? Let’s find out by watching Thursday’s episode of Pinoy Big Brother Otso on Primetime Bida after Halik.