PBB Otso Daily Update: Housemates, Star Dreamers face off in Ultimate Battle

Pinoy Big Brother Otso Adult Housemates and Star Dreamers were sent to Camp Capinpin in Tanay, Rizal for their Ultimate Pinoy Big Battle. For this battle, Big Brother temporarily got the flags of both teams from them and they can just get it back once they finish the challenges in all eight stations. The first squad to make it to the grandstand wins. 

WATCH: Housemates at Star Dreamers, naghanda na para sa kanilang Ultimate Battle

Because of Fumiya Sankai’s injury, it has been decided that he won’t compete and was considered injured personnel. Fumiya said that his leg was really in pain that is why he felt guilty for not being able to contribute to his team.

The obstacle course included the climber followed by the rope bell and then the long wire/over under, and last was the wall hanger. In the beginning, they had to make an improvised stretcher to be able to transport their injured personnel. The Housemates had Fumiya and the Star Dreamers had Shawntel Cruz as the injured personnel. In the first challenge, the Housemates found it hard to improvise a stretcher, while the Star Dreamers immediately knew how to make it.

For the first station, each squad had to successfully lift up and bring down four members in order to move into the next station. Just when the Star Dreamers finished the first obstacle, the squad of the housemates reached the same station. 

For the second obstacle, three members had to climb through a rope in order to ring the bell. Lou Yanong admitted that Star Dreamers were really ahead of them during the start, and it was really the time that was pressuring them. 

WATCH: Star Dreamers, naunahan ang housemates sa unang bahagi ng Ultimate Battle

When the housemates were left at the ropebell station, the star dreamers already reached the next obstacle which was the long wire. In this obstacle, seven members had to crawl backwards under a long row of barbed wire. Just in a few, the housemates were able to reach the ropebell obstacle. 

WATCH: Housemates, nahabol sa laban ang Star Dreamers

Both squads were then challenged to climb a tall wall through holding on to a thick rope that’s hung on it. In this obstacle, the members were allowed to help each other and it depended on them whether what strategy they were going to do. Star Dreamer Camille Sandel and Housemate Lou were the ones who made it first. Then Lou was followed by Mary Grace Lagos but you would really see how she struggled to climb through the rope. But the Star Dreamers were once again the ones to finish the obstacle first. Each of the housemates then still continued to cross over the wall. However, the last one to do so who was Andre Brouillette, took quite a long time to make it. All of the housemates were already cheering on him and helping him. Andre looked frustrated already but he succeeded when Mark Obrera thought of a strategy which was to carry Andre at his back so it would just be easier for him to cross over the wall.

WATCH: Andre, nahirapan makatawid sa wall hanger

The rifle challenge had to be aced by the wounded member of each squad. So both Shawntel and Fumiya had to fire at the four balloons consecutively. Shawntel aced this challenge and said that during that moment, she just remembered what Celebrity Player Aljur Abrenica, the Star Dreamers’ leader, told her which was to trust him. 

WATCH: Shawntel, hinarap ang takot sa rifle challenge

When it was Fumiya’s turn already, it was evident how he struggled because of eye irritation - he was wearing contact lenses and it got dry because of the air. But through familiarizing the proper positioning and making sure that his body was stable enough, Fumiya was able to hit all four balloons consecutively.

WATCH: Fumiya, tagumpay na natapos ang rifle challenge

For the first aid challenge, both teams were tasked to pick a name of a member who would pretend to have been pierced by a sharp material. That member would be given the first aid and would be brought to the safe zone. Kim Franco was picked by the Star Dreamers squad, while Lou was picked by the Housemates. She was actually frustrated that it was her who was picked because she would have made the challenge easier to do as she is really familiar with first aid. 

WATCH: Housemates at Star Dreamers, halos magkasabay na hinarap ang first aid challenge

For the rope bridge challenge, the teams had to manage to cross the rope bridge in the shortest time possible. On the side of the Star Dreamers, Kin Franco found it hard to cross the bridge for having the fear of heights. 

WATCH: Kin, nahirapan sa pagtawid sa rope bridge

Thea Rizaldo, on the other hand, also has fear of heights but she just believed she can so she did. Both teams were successful in this challenge and fortunately, no one fell down the rope bridge.

WATCH: Housemates, mabilis na nakatawid sa rope bridge

For the last leg of the Ultimate Battle, both squads had to create fire which will burn the rope where their respective flags were placed. Once each team gets their flag, they will run straight to the finish line to raise their flag. 

WATCH: Housemates at Star Dreamers, nakaabot sa huling bahagi ng Ultimate Battle

Aljur admitted that this last challenge was the most difficult for them as they did not get to have an actual practice of it. It was quite the same thing for the housemates except for the fact that they got to practice it during their training. They basically just gathered everything but they did not know how to start. 

WATCH: Housemates at Star Dreamers, nahirapan sa fire challenge ni Kuya

While the Star Dreamers were all cooperating with each other, the Housemates seemed like they were not as Mark assumed the responsibility of doing the challenge. The rest of the Housemates were just standing and waiting for Mark’s signals and instructions about what to do. And Hanie Jarrar was somehow disappointed to see how Mark was in his own world during the last challenge. After one hour, neither of the two teams was still not able to create a fire so they were already given a clue that there was a hidden material there that will help them create a fire and both teams successfully found it.

Who won the Ultimate Pinoy Big Battle? Find out in the succeeding episodes of Pinoy Big Brother Otso.