PBB Otso Daily Update: Housemates pick Thea; Shawntel to ally with Star Dreamers in Ultimate Challenge

Coming into the past week, two Star Dreamers were chosen by Big Brother for a chance to be his official housemates. Shawntel Cruz, the talented music artist who has inspired her co-star dreamers and Thea Rizaldo, the girl who exudes just enough good vibes and the friend of everyone in Camp Star Hunt, were able to crossover to PBB House. But as they make their way into the PBB House as official housemates, Big Brother has given them both a big and crucial task which meant that they have to go separate ways - one of them would have to fight for the housemates and the other one would have to side with the Star Dreamers. 

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Shawntel acted as the marcher of the group during their task with the housemates. Despite being emotional, Shawntel strived hard and persisted to push through with the challenge they were all faced with. She shared that it was her brother’s message for her that kept her going. Being really close to her brother, Shawntel offers her hardships and dreams to him. 

Meanwhile, Thea could not also contain her emotions as she was emotionally and physically in pain because of the exercises and drills. However, despite all that, she still chose to be a good friend to the housemates and even comforted Mary Grace Lagos who was already contemplating whether to continue or to quit.

Determination, dedication, and discipline - these are the things that Thea consider the most important. When she was tasked to be the leader of the group, Thea willingly accepted it. For this second Pinoy Big Battle, team Star Dreamers won. Thea felt frustrated about their loss but she admitted that she, as a leader, had lapses also and she thought it was a big factor for the overall outcome of the challenge. 

The housemates were already told about the agreement between Big Brother, Shawntel, and Thea. At the end of all the training and drills for the Ultimate Big Battle, one of them has to stay inside the house to become the official housemate and the other one has to go back to Camp Star Hunt to become the star dreamers’ ally for the Ultimate Big Challenge. 

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Shawntel and Thea were already in the garden to wait for the housemates to choose between them. Each of the housemates was given a dog tag which they will put on either Shawntel or Thea. Majority of the housemates have chosen Thea for they thought she had more determination and believed more in herself. Admiring the way she led, the housemates believed that she was the one they will be needing for the Ultimate Battle. Yamyam Gucong went to choose first, followed by Andre Brouillette, Lou Yanong, Fumiya Sankai, and then Mark Obrera. Lou felt sad saying that they trained together with the two girls for a week and it will just end up with them just choosing one to go with them for the Ultimate Battle. 

Mark, however, was the only one among the housemates who chose Shawntel as he knew that she did not give up despite the hardships. Hani Jarrar and Mary Grace were the last to choose and they both had the most difficult decision to make as they also came from Camp Star Hunt and had a close relationship with both Shawntel and Thea. However, Big Brother reminded them that it was not only a huge responsibility but a stand they had to make. But in the end, both Hani and Mary Grace chose Thea as they believed she was going to be of greater benefit for the battle.

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Shawntel admittedly told Kuya that it broke her heart but at the same time, she knew that she did it and even got surprised that she actually got to contain her emotions and all and not be so emotional. Shawntel did not show to all of them that their decisions hurt her, but she told Big Brother that she already expected that. Nevertheless, she acknowledged Thea’s strengths and potentials as well as hers. In the end, she did not feel defeated as there was still one person, Kuya Mark, who believed in her.

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Big Brother explained to the housemates that for the Ultimate Challenge, they will be sent to a military camp and there they will be competing against the Star Dreamers.

Who will win the Ultimate Challenge? Find out by watching the next episodes of Pinoy Big Brother Otso.