PBB Daily Update: Mitch, fiancé exchange “I dos” inside the house

For the very first time in the history of the Pinoy Big Brother franchise, avid viewers were able to witness a wedding, not to mention that it's an inside the famous yellow house as one of the adult housemates of the current season and her long-time live-in partner tied the knot in last night’s episode.

Mitch Talao was indeed beautiful in white as she walked down the aisle cladded in the fabulous bridal piece designed by premier Filipino fashion designer Renee Salud. She was accompanied by her supportive parents as she marched towards her dapper groom Dudz Ibañez.

PBB Otso Day 26: Renee Salud, isinukat na ang wedding gown ni Mitch

A day before the wedding, the fashion designer went inside the house to meet the bride-to-be and get her measurements and to also express his delight and excitement to take part in the grandiose event.

PBB Otso Day 26: Abi, naghanda na bilang wedding coordinator ni Mitch

Meanwhile, Abi Kassem didn't wait for Kuya's wake up call to rise up and start her duties as the wedding coordinator. She met Star Dreamers Thea Rizaldo, Hanie Jarrar, and Tori Garcia at the confession room to discuss about the flow of the program at the reception and let Mitch talk with wedding Shawntel Cruz.

PBB Otso Day 26: Housemates, naghanda na para sa kasal ni Mitch

On the D-Day itself, the "Kolehiyala Cutie" of Isabela didn't wait for the wake up call to rise up and start her duties. She was the one who prepared the breakfast, woke up her housemates, and prodded them to fix themselves up.

Kuya even pressured her to glam up and finish everything within the remaining time given to them to take Mitch to the venue -- and succeeded.

PBB Otso Day 26: Kuya, nagpasalamat kay Rev Moreno para sa kasal nina Mitch at Dudz

While the housemates and the family and guests of the couple were awaiting for the commencement of the ceremony, Big Brother conversed with the solemnizing officer Reverend Emmanuel Rey Moreno, the Marriage Minister of the Spiritual Filipino Catholic Church, to further enlighten the viewers regarding the ceremony and to also thank him for accepting the invitation.

"Wala sa kalabasang anyo ang pagmamahalan ng bawat tao. Sa ating batas, ito ay tanggap naman dahil sila ay babae't lalaki. Wala naman pong problema kasi ang sinusunod lang naman po natin ay kung ano ang ayon sa ating family code," Rev. Moreno iterated.

PBB Otso Day 26: Mitch and Dudz walk down the aisle

Then, the holy matrimony finally began, with everyone getting emotional as they watch the beautiful bride slowly marched towards the altar, keeping pace to Shawntel's heartfelt and mellifluous rendition of Yeng Constantino's hit "Ikaw".

It was attended by both their immediate families and presumably some friends, with the housemates joining the entourage as well. Fumiya Sankai was the ring bearer while Lou Yanong and Andre Brouilette took charge in pinning the veil to the couple.

PBB Otso Day 26: Mitch and Dudz’ wedding vows

Getting almost everyone teary-eyed was the personal vows they uttered towards each other, in which the groom and bride reminsced their love journey from being mere strangers up to the present that they're sealing their relationship with the blessing of God and how they brought change and happiness to each other's life.

PBB Otso Day 26: Mitch and Dudz’ first kiss as married couple

Certainly, every wedding would never be complete without the newlyweds sharing their first kiss as husbands and wife. Kilig!

PBB Otso Day 26: Yamyam, isinuot ang wedding garter kay Apey

After the sacred ceremony, everyone proceeded to the reception area, which was lavishly decorated like the wedding itself.

The enjoyment was indeed evident to the faces of everyone as they feasted on the sumptuous meals, were entertained by Shawntel's original song number, Patrick's unbelievable dance act, and the fun traditional bouquet and garter toss.

Apey Obera was the one who caught the bouquet while Yamyam was unanimously voted to insert the garter to her leg, which completely brought everybody to mirth and thrill.

PBB Otso Day 26: Mitch at Dudz, nagpasalamat sa tagumpay ng kanilang kasal

At the end of the fun event, the newlyweds thanked everyone who took part in one of their most important milestones, especially Kuya who made it possible and extra memorable.

PBB Otso Day 26: Kuya, pinuri ang pagmamahalan nina Mitch at Dudz

In return, Big Brother expressed how grateful he was to Mitch and Dudz, who were still in disbelief that their dream wedding finally came true, for serving as an inspiration to the viewers and the LGBT community. He also wished them a union filled with happiness, harmony, and love,  and for them to set as a good example to their firstborn Eros and their future children.

Congratulations and best wishes,  Mr. & Mrs. Talao!