PBB Otso Daily Update: Batch 2 Male Teen Star Dreamers completes map to PBB house

On the first day of the Batch 2 male teen star dreamers in the island, they faced another set of challenges that led them closer and closer to reaching their goal: to get inside the Big Brother house. However, they must endure and champion those tough challenges along with the unexpected twists that will test their personalities.

Waking up to their first sunrise in the island, the Batch 2 male star dreamers helped each other cook their first breakfast. It was a windy morning so they struggled to ignite fire for cooking. Alfred, who took the lead in cooking, eventually succeeded in starting a fire to cook their breakfast. Meanwhile, Lance woke up having a fever that restricted him from giving a big contribution in making their breakfast.

It wasn’t long after they had their breakfast when PBB Otso host Kim Chiu arrived in the island on a jetski. She discussed that the batch 2 male teen star dreamers need to be divided into two groups for two separate challenges. Four of them must accomplish the Tandem Jetski Challenge while the other four must be able to succeed in the Underwater Challenge.

WATCH: Kim, ibinigay ang hamon ng boy star dreamers para sa ikalawang mapa

Batit, Lance, Mich and Shoichi took on the Tandem Jetski Challenge. For this, they must go in pairs to accomplish the challenge. One will drive the jetski while the other must shoot the ball inside the ring placed on the sea. Once the two pairs each had two balls successfully shot inside the ring, they will acquire a treasure chest that contains the second map.

Although Lance had a fever and Shoichi admits that he isn’t that good when it comes to basketball, the team Tandem Jetski boys succeeded in completing their task.

WATCH: Shoichi, tagumpay na natapos ang Tandem Jetski Challenge

On the other hand, Alfred, Emjay, Jem and Tan are the boys who took on the Underwater Challenge. To complete the Underwater Challenge, these boys must dive into the water and find the key to the treasure chest. There were twenty bamboo canisters placed underwater and only one bamboo canister contains the key to the treasure chest.

Amidst the blazing heat and the weariness that they feel, they finally found the right bamboo canister that has the key that will unlock the treasure chest that bears the map.

WATCH: Boy Star Dreamers, panalo sa kanilang Underwater Challenge ni Kuya

As they all succeeded in the Tandem Jetski Challenge and in the Underwater Challenge, the Batch 2 male teen Star Dreamers obtained the second map that will lead them to the PBB house. However, due to Lance’s poor health, he needed to leave for the meantime.

WATCH: Lance, pansamantalang umalis ng isla dahil sa kanyang sakit

After acquiring the second map, it’s time for the Batch 2 male teen Star Dreamers to work for their third map. To gain the last map, the boys must accomplish the Sand Flag Challenge. On the five poles are the third map and the flags that correspond to the each box that contains valuable things from their loved ones. Within 88 minutes, the boys must work together and fill in some sand bags which they may use as a lift to reach for the map and the flags.

WATCH: Boy Star Dreamers, hinarap ang Sand Flag Challenge ni Kuya

To prepare them for the twists and surprises that await them inside the Big Brother house, PBB Otso host Kim Chiu called the attention of the boys as they struggled through the challenge. For the remaining hour, three of them must stop doing the challenge.

WATCH: Kim, dinagdagan ang hamon ng boys sa Sand Flag Challenge

Eventually, the four remaining boys who continued to do the challenge are down to two. Alfred and Mich are the only boys left to get the last two flags and complete the task.

WATCH: Alfred at Mich, nabigo makuha ang lahat ng flag sa pole

Because Alfred and Mich weren’t able to get the last flag, one of the batch 2 male teen Star Dreamers won’t be able to claim the box that contains the valuable things from their loved ones. As they huddled to settle on that matter, Alfred volunteered to leave his box. Meanwhile, Kim announced that it is already their last night in the island because they will finally find the key to the PBB house on the next day.

WATCH: Alfred, nagdesisyon di kunin ang kanyang regalo

Now that the batch 2 male teen Star Dreamers finally completed the map, they will soon arrive in the PBB house. And certainly, more challenges await them there!  How will they cope up with those challenges and twists? Let’s all find out on Pinoy Big Brother Otso.