PBB Otso Daily Update: Yamyam clinches Kuya’s gold medallion, enters Big Four

Andre Brouillette, Lou Yanong, and Yamyam Gucong were the ones who finished the second round of the Big Jump challenge with shortest time and qualified for the final round of the Big Jump Challenge, with the winner becoming the first entrant in the Pinoy Big Brother Otso Adult Big 4.

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In the final round, each of the three housemates will ride a boat and the one who stays afloat wins the challenge. However, each boat has holes that let the water flow inside the boat. With this, the housemates should have strategies on how to remove the water.

Kuya announced also that in this final round, the three can actually get assistance from the rest of the housemates. However, the housemates could choose to help only one among the three. Fumiya Sankai, Kim Franco, and Thea Rizaldo chose Yamyam, while Shawntel Cruz and Camille Sandel picked Lou. Unfortunately, no one opted to be on Andre’s side.

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All of them started to prepare for their improvised materials to scoop water out of the boats during the challenge. While the group of Lou and Yamyam were already making their improvised materials, it seemed like Andre was still confused and did not know how he could start. So Lou decided to help her close friend Andre in secret.

WATCH: Andre, Lou at Yamyam, sumabak na sa huling bahagi ng Big Jump Challenge

Lou had smaller containers compared to Yamyam and Andre that can remove the water from her boat so she had to double her efforts and move faster. Meanwhile, Andre admitted that he is the heaviest among the three so he felt like the water would flow into his boat more easily. But he thought that it would be better for the water to come in from one of the sides rather than two at the same time so to lean on one side was a better strategy for him. Little did the housemates know that the Star Dreamers in the Camp Star Hunt were watching while they were doing the challenge. After one hour, it was evident how the three started to feel exhausted so Yamyam’s supporters decided to bring him a sandwich and water. Fumiya likewise decided to also offer water to close friend Andre.

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After Big Brother instructed the ninjas to have all the holes of their boats opened, he instructed the three as well to stay at the center of the boat. After a while, Kuya then told them to stop what they were doing in 88 seconds and that made the task even more difficult.

WATCH: Kuya, dinagdagan ang hamon nina Andre, Lou at Yamyam

After two hours, the three faced another challenge. Kuya instructed the ninjas to put weights inside each boat. Later in the challenge, Kuya asked Lou if she can still continue with half of her boat already sinking. But Lou just went on despite knowing that Yamyam and Andre were way ahead of her.

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But Big Brother had a tougher challenge for them when he instructed the three to take away the materials they were using once they hear the buzzer. Lou felt almost hopeless when the buzzer sounded at the time she was just catching up. They would then use their bare hands in removing the water from their boats.

WATCH: Kuya, pinatindi ang hamon nina Andre, Lou at Yamyam

However, in the middle of that, Andre thought that his strategy of just leaning to one side of the boat, and then to the other side would create a wave where the water would go out was effective. Yet, despite his efforts, his boat sank thus eliminating him from contention.

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Lou and Yamyam continued and later, Big Brother had to signal them again to stop once they hear the first buzzer. And on the second buzzer, they were allowed to use just one hand. Five hours have passed and the exhaustion of the two was too evident that they wanted to give up but could not.

After a few minutes, Lou’s boat totally sank, and when Yamyam saw it, he just became too emotional and Lou approached and hugged him. He won the final round and clinched Kuya’s first golden medallion, making him gain the first slot in the PBB Otso Adult Big Four.

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Fumiya was so happy and proud of his best friend, knowing that he was doing his best for his family. The rest of the housemates also felt proud of him, most especially his supporters. They said they felt like winners at that moment.

Who will join Yamyam in the Big 4? Who are the next evictees? Find out in the next episodes of Pinoy Big Brother Otso!