How the Sassy Sipag Girl of GenSan Jelay Pilones made it to the Big 4

From being the first-ever female Star Dreamer to be declared as an official housemate for this season, Jillian “Jelay” Pilones is now inching towards her ultimate dream of becoming a Big Winner after being the first-ever housemate to land a spot on the highly-coveted Big 4.

As we look forward to the completion of the much-awaited roster, let’s reminisce the top eight highlights of her journey in Pinoy Big Brother.

At first glance, it’s absolutely easy to say that this 17-year-old stunner is indeed a doppleganger of PBB Otso host Chinita Princess Kim Chiu and could pass as her younger sister both in real life and in the reels.

But what amazed us more was how she kept her composure while taking on the preliminary challenge that became her ticket in entering the famous yellow house as an official contestant.

Together with ex-housemate Art Guma, she showed everyone that she doesn’t only possess impressive vocal prowess, but she could also groove as they took on the 88-second dance art challenge on their very first week inside the house.

Having an experience in performing, since we all know that she worked as a part-time singer prior to joining the reality show, we’re all confident that Jelay would nail their third task of impersonating local music artists. And she did it, despite conveying that she was having a hard time portraying OPM icon Freddie Aguilar.

When she accidentally broke a piece of tableware, the Sassy Sipag Girl’s world almost shattered as well because as a punishment to this violation, Kuya penalized her with an automatic nomination alongside Aljon Mendoza and Seth Fedelin who both violated a nomination-related rule.

Our eyes surely welled up and heartstrings got tugged as she and her Mommy Sheriel, who’s also a singer, performed their soulful duet of Carol Banawa’s “Iingatan Ka” during the Big Otso Concert, wherein the team she spearheaded emerged as the winner despite being outnumbered. Aside from singing, she also showed off her beatboxing flair that truly astounded the audiences and the panel of judges.

It was almost Christmastime yet the housemates had to celebrate it away from their families as they chased their dreams inside the house. Thus, Kuya invited one of their loved ones inside the house and let them spend a few minutes together through a blindfolded noche Buena, wherein the housemates were fed by seven Star Dreamers and a relative of theirs with their most favorite dish while wearing goggles. For Jelay, it was her hardworking dad who came and personally greeted her a merry Christmas.

Scoring a spot on the Big 4 is indeed the primary reason why they took a leap of faith and joined the popular reality show. That’s why despite of already building a tight bond with her fellow housemates, she refused to give way and chose to pursue her longtime ambition by taking on the the Big Jump Challenge.

With the help of Star Dreamer-turned-house player Gian Wang, the pride of General Santos City triumphantly clinched the first Big 4 spot, defeating housemates Reign Parani, Lie Reposposa, and Kaori Oinuma whom she all fought singlehandedly.

But the obstacles she had to endure didn’t end there yet as Kuya wanted them to unleash the real personalities of the housemates through a series of hard-hitting challenges that would really push them to their limits.

Recently, she had to face the straightforward and offensive questions from the Star Dreamers, which mostly pertained to her alleged backstabbing against and insincere pleasantries with the past and current housemates. At first, she bravely responded to every issue thrown at her until she got fed up and pressed the red button for them to stop.

Congratulations, Jelay!