PBB Otso Daily Update: Andre, Fumiya, Lou join Yamyam in Batch 2 Big 4

In the end, it’s still the original first batch of adult housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Otso that dominated the game.

As the number of the pioneer flock of adult Otso housemates continued to deplete in the past weeks and months of their exciting stay inside the house, with the Star Dreamers constantly filling the spaces left by the evictees every week, it seemed that the quartet of Lou Yanong, Andre Brouillette, Yamyam Gucong, and Fumiya Sankai, dubbed “Team L.A.Y.F.” (based of the initial letters of their names), has established a strong following from the throng of avid viewers of the reality show, as what transpired in the 9th eviction night held last Wednesday, March 27 suggested.

PBB Otso Day 80: Thea evicted from Kuya’s house

Garnering the least percentage of text votes, or 5.16%, Thea Rizaldo was declared as the first evictee for that evening. Instead of crying or showing distraught, she confronted it positively and bade farewell to the housemates with her effervescent smile.

PBB Otso Day 80: Thea, ikinuwento ang kanyang paghanga kay Yamyam

The Daring Dalaga of Bohol was welcomed by her Uncle William Guioguio back to the outside world and by the hosts’ intriguing question on who among the housemates deserve to be their batch’s winner. Apart from the fact that they both came from the same province, she cheers for her fellow Boholano Yamyam because of how much she admires and respects him.

PBB Otso Day 80: Lou, kabilang na sa unang Adult Big 4 ni Kuya

A few moments after Thea’s departure, host Toni Gonzaga announced Lou’s inclusion in the Big 4 that truly thrilled her and her fans awaiting outside.

PBB Otso Day 80: Fumiya at Andre, kabilang na rin sa Adult Big 4 ni Kuya

Afterwards, the names of Fumiya and Andre were called next, one after the other, making Shawntel Cruz the last evictee. Just like Thea, she left the house all smiles and congratulated each one of them for their great achievement. She only got 5.56% of the total votes.

PBB Otso Day 80: Shawntel, pinili si Yamyam bilang kanyang Big 4

The Muse-ical Daughter of Baguio was greeted by her Mommy Julie Ann and by the hosts who asked her who among the Big 4 should be proclaimed the Big Winner, to which she replied Yamyam. She pointed out his eagerness and persistence to achieve his dreams.

PBB Otso Day 80: Kuya, ipinakilala na ang kanyang Adult Big 4!

Meanwhile, Kuya congratulated his Big 4 – Yamyam, Lou, Fumiya, and Andre – and told them how much he admires their perseverance in taking on every challenge inside the house in pursuit of fulfilling their ambitions not only for themselves, but for their family and loved ones as well.

PBB Otso Day 80: Vote for your Batch 2 Adult Big Winner Now!

Unlike in the previous weeks, only the percentage of votes were bared, except those of Thea and Shawntel. The rest of the items on the tally were only labelled “A”, “B”, and “C”, who received 54.83%, 21.98%, and 12.47%, respectively.

The voting for the Batch Winner of the PBB Otso adult edition opened as well. Vote wisely!

Who among Lou, Andre, Yamyam, and Fumiya will take home the highly coveted Batch Winner title? Let’s find out soon by watching PBB Otso!