PBB Otso Daily Update: Housemates receive special gift from Kuya

Those who were able to watch the previous episode of Pinoy Big Brother Otso were surely touched and amused at the same time with Fumiya Sankai’s reunion with his beloved family inside the house to celebrate his 24th birthday.

PBB Otso Day 74: Housemates, masaya nang makilala ang pamilya ni Fumiya

The celebrator wasn’t able to contain the genuine happiness he felt at the unexpected appearance of his family as he kept on dancing, exclaiming how amazed and thrilled he was with Kuya and his housemates’ surprise for him.

He and his Pogi Spiritual Brother Yamyam Gucong ushered them in to the house to continue the simple fete and introduce them as well to the other housemates. Aside from the cake, Big Brother also had Japanese food for them to feast on and lent Fumiya his vlogging equipment so that he could record this momentous evening.

PBB Otso Day 74: Fumiya, labis ang pagmamahal sa kanyang pamilya

Of course, every event like this would never be complete without the celebrator delivering a short speech and hearing special messages from his loved ones and the attendees.

As soon as they finished the sumptuous dinner Big Brother provided, the Iskulit Bai of Bohol uttered his heartfelt message to his dearest best friend, followed by Akio who went on to greet his son a “Happy Birthday” and thanked the housemates for making his firstborn happy in his entire PBB journey. Lastly, Fumiya expressed his gratitude to his housemates, especially to Yamyam, for making the celebration possible and to his family for making an effort to surprise him by flying to the Philippines.

PBB Otso Day 74: Fumiya, nagpaalam pansamantala sa kanyang pamilya

Before they left the house, the Sankai Family had a short chat with Kuya in which they imparted how grateful they were for being given this wonderful chance. Fumiya initiated a group hug with them as a way of showing his appreciation towards them and bidding them farewell.

PBB Otso Day 74: Fumiya, nagdiwang ng kaarawan sa bahay ni Kuya

As the night went deeper, the celebration got more exciting as they shared the food given by Kuya, and the Konichi-Wonder Vlogger of Japan enthusiastically told his father Akio and his brothers Yuya and Shunya how delighted he is to have found new “siblings” in his housemates and how much he enjoys staying at the PBB house.

Big Brother also didn’t let the opportunity to simply pass without challenging the palates of the foreign visitors, and the celebrant as well, by letting them try the famous Filipino streetfood balut, which they hesitantly accepted.

PBB Otso Day 74: Kim at Thea, hinarap na sina Abi at Wakim sa big jump challenge

Meanwhile, in the continuation of the Big Jump to the Big 4, housemates Kim Franco and Thea Rizaldo were the next pair to take on the challenge of toppling down and reassembling the picture puzzle and were pitted against house challengers Abi Kassem and Wakim Regalado.

PBB Otso Day 74: Kim at Thea, panalo sa big jump challenge laban kina Abi at Wakim

Although the house challengers used their “Freeze” power to try to hamper the opponents from completing the task by hitting the stack of puzzle blocks, the housemates still won in the end after they failed to massively destroy it.

PBB Otso Day 74: Camille at Shawntel, panalo sa big jump challenge laban kina Grace at Lyndon

Succeeding them was the showdown between the tandems of housemates Camille Sandel and Shawntel Cruz and house challengers Grace Abrugar and Lyndon Oros. Despite the fact that they were just paired with each other because of being not chosen by their housemates who they originally wanted to be with, Camille and Shawntel proved that their partnership was indeed effective after successfully defeating their rival team.

PBB Otso Day 74: Housemates, nagkwento tungkol sa kanilang pamilya

After the intense and nerve-wracking challenges, Kuya rewarded the housemates by giving each of them a simple present – their respective family pictures. Since Fumiya is the only one who will not advance to the next round of the Big Jump to the Big 4 Challenge, he was tasked by Big Brother to distribute it to them.

As soon as everyone got their gifts, the housemates proceeded in front of their fellows one-by-one to open their framed pictures and present it to each of them. While there were some who were able to contain their emotions, there were some of them who weren’t able to hold back their tears.

Is seeing their families, at least through pictures, enough to fuel them on the upcoming challenges they’re going to face? Let’s find out how the housemates will fare on the next round of the Big Jump to the Big 4 Challenge by watching the next episode of PBB Otso!