7 celebration moments of PBB Otso housemates

Staying true to its tagline, "Teleserye ng Totoong Buhay", Pinoy Big Brother has indeed mirrored all the aspects of every Filipino's lives -- from the trials up to the triumphs.

While the reality program has been known for the mind-blowing and nerve-wracking tasks bestowed to the housemates, we're also able to witness how the housemates in each edition and each season celebrated everytime they overcome various challenges either as a team or alone.

Let's reminisce some of their joyous moments through this feature.

Despite losing on their weekly task and not having a budget to purchase their weekly supplies, the first batch of PBB Otso Teen housemates were still able to pull off a simple pool party by having a boodle fight.

In lieu of the holiday season, Kuya also brought the Christmas cheer inside the house by allowing the Batch 1 Teen housemates and Star Dreamers have an exchange gift and sumptuous noche buena.

After a week, Big Brother then let the housemates welcome 2019 in a jubilant mood as he prepared a barbecue party for their media noche and allowed them to light up a few pieces of firecrackers. A Happy New Year, indeed!

To mark the end of their quest to the estranged biological mother of then-Star Dreamer Marie Songalia, Kuya rewarded the housemates for a job well done by giving them a posh party inside the house.

After the heartwarming encounter of then-Star Dreamer Mark Overs with his housemate estranged sibling Apey, Big Brother provided a pool party for the housemates to officially welcome him in the house.

To lighten off the pressure everyone was feeling due to the excruciating challenges given to them, the housemates were provided a swimming party that made them temporarily forget that they used to be opponents in the task they underwent.

Just when the Big 4 of the adult batch thought that they're going to celebrate their victory with a few hotdogs, Big Brother surprised them with a sumptuous treat -- a mini boodle fight. He also gave them a wine to which they toasted for the incredible journey they had shared.

Looking forward on the next celebrations we're going to witness on PBB Otso!