PBB Otso Daily Update: Lou, Fumiya complete list of nominees for eviction

As the last two final duels happen inside the Pinoy Big Brother house, Lou Yanong and Fumiya Sankai complete the list of the nominees for this week’s eviction as they both lost to Mary Grace Lagos and Andre Brouillette respectively. In the challenges, the personalities and the friendship bond of the housemates continue to be tested.

WATCH: Andre at Lou sinulit ang kanilang panahon na magkasama

While waiting for the results about Mary Grace and Lou’s duel in the special challenge, Lou and Andre sat together on a couch and chose to be happy for a moment amid the uncertainty of the situation. Not long enough, Lou and Andre’s “final moments” together is cut short after Big Brother called Mary Grace and Lou into the confession room for the announcement of the winner. With this, the two remaining ladies had no choice but to abide and just blow some final kisses to their fellow housemates.

WATCH: Lou, pansamantalang lalabas ng Bahay ni Kuya

Inside the confession room, Big Brother announced that Mary Grace beat Lou in the challenge.  Mary Grace was then asked to go back to the PBB house alone while Lou stayed in the confession room to continue her conversation with Big Brother. Before parting ways, Lou managed to ask Mary Grace to take care of Andre and tell him she’s looking forward to the “cheesecake promise” they had for each other.

As Mary Grace came out of the confession room alone, the remaining guys at this point namely Mark, Hanie, Andre and Fumiya welcomed Mary Grace once again with open arms.

WATCH: Lou, may huling mensahe para kay Andre

In the confession room, Lou was asked about what she learned and would miss about her journey inside the PBB House. Lou gave an honest answer about this and said that she wishes to bid a proper goodbye and one last hug with all her fellow housemates, most especially Andre. If she had the chance, Lou shared that she wants to tell Andre to fight and that she’s proud of him no matter what, and that she’ll be waiting for the cheesecake he promised her.

WATCH: Lou, kabilang na sa listahan ng mga nominado

After a heartfelt conversation with Lou, Big Brother finally revealed to her the truth about being just a nominee and not yet an evictee. Lou’s sadness turns to gladness as she discovered that there is hope in her situation. She joyously joined Yamyam and JC in the secret room.

Meanwhile, the remaining housemates at this point gathered in the garden and they all rejoiced as Mary Grace raised her own flag in the third flagpole.

WATCH: Andre at Fumiya, naghanda na sa matinding hamon ni Kuya

Shortly after Mary Grace raised her flag, Big Brother asked Andre and Fumiya to pack their things and prepare for the last face-off. While physically preparing for their match, Andre and Fumiya both promised each other to stay solid as friends no matter what happens.

WATCH: Andre at Fumiya, sumabak na sa matinding hamon ni Kuya

Time has come for the final duel between Andre and Fumiya. For their challenge, they must balance a house made of building blocks in a floating table through a tight rope. While doing this, they must get the other set of building blocks and transfer it from one table to another, then build a new house using those pieces.

WATCH: Andre at Fumiya, bumuhos ang luha matapos ang hamon ni Kuya

When Andre got ahead of Fumiya having his last piece transferred in the table where all he’s left to do is build the house, the two contenders started to become emotional along with the other housemates who are watching them. Knowing that he’s about to lose, Fumiya cheered for Andre while still trying to finish the challenge. Upon holding the last piece of block to complete the challenge, Andre continuously burst into tears. After Andre successfully finished the challenge, he and Fumiya ran into each other and hugged each other tight as tears streamed down on both of their faces.

WATCH: Fumiya, pansamantalang lumabas ng Bahay ni Kuya

After the final duel, Andre and Fumiya went back inside the PBB house along with all the other remaining housemates. Fumiya bid farewell to his fellow housemates and personally expressed how happy and thankful he is to have Andre by his side.

Inside the confession room, Fumiya continued to talk to Big Brother about his friendship with Andre. Fumiya says that he appreciates how Andre understood him and became a bridge for others to understand him also. While bidding Big Brother sayonara, Fumiya says that if he goes back to Japan, he will tell everyone how amazing Filipinos are.

WATCH: Vote for Fumiya, Lou, JC at Yamyam

Now that the list of nominees is complete, voting has been officially opened.

How will Fumiya react when he finds out the truth about the nomination? Who among Yamyam Gucong, JC Gamez, Lou Yanong and Fumiya Sankai will stay as an official housemate in the PBB Phouse and who among them will really be the next evictee that will bid us goodbye? Let’s continue to find out in the gripping turn of events this weekend at Pinoy Big Brother Otso!