PBB Otso Daily Update: JC loses to Hanie, Mary Grace dares Lou

After the initial duel challenge that temporarily kicked Yamyam Gucong out of the house, another two housemates bravely faced Kuya's test in the previous episode of Pinoy Big Brother Otso. And last night, the result was already declared.

PBB Otso Day 50: JC, lumabas ng bahay ni Kuya matapos ang laban nila ni Hanie

As soon as their game ended and they saw one another inside the house, Hanie Jarrar and JC Gamez immediately gave each other a brotherly hug.

Afterwards, Big Brother made the announcement by flashing a live feed from the garden wherein the banners of the two aforementioned contenders were seen. The housemate whose flag would be raised is the winner. Everybody awaited in bated breaths, until the banner of the "Athletic Cutie of Isabela" was seen on the screen, making him and the "Mucho Raketero of Isabela" emotional.

The former finished their task within 15 minutes and 34 seconds, while it took the latter 16 minutes and 15 seconds.

He bade farewell to his housemates who sent him off with tears welling their eyes.

PBB Otso Day 50: JC, kabilang na sa listahan ng mga nominado

Crying, JC told Big Brother how sad he was for losing in the competition and how thankful he was to him for picking him to become an official housemate after being a Star Dreamer for a very long time.

But his tears of agony were replaced by tears of joy after Big Brother told him that he's not going to get evicted yet and everything is just his way of testing their personality.

Instead, he's going to be one of this week's nominees and have to stay in the secret room with Yamyam until further notice.

PBB Otso Day 50: Mary Grace, pinili na makalaban si Lou sa hamon ni Kuya

As soon as the light of the third flagpole was turned on, Mary Grace Lagos didn't waste any second to tell Kuya who she wanted to go against with for the third duel challenge.

After their chat inside the confession room, she immediately went to the other three remaining housemates -- Lou Yanong, Andre Brouillette, and Fumiya Sankai -- to tell them that after mulling over the situation, she came into the decision of choosing the "Rampa Sister of Mandaluyong", which they accepted wholeheartedly.

PBB Otso Day 50: Mary Grace at Lou, sumabak na sa matinding hamon ni Kuya

For their duel challenge, Lou and Mary Grace had to transfer eight different objects to their corresponding boxes while assuring to reach the exact weight indicated in each containers with the use of a digital weighing scale.

The two ladies used different strategies, Lou starting with the pieces of wood while Mary Grace with the styro blocks they used during their Valentine's weekly task.

PBB Otso Day 50: Mary Grace at Lou, magkasabay na nagpaalam sa mga housemates 

As they met inside the house after their game, Lou and Mary Grace just laughed off whatever they had to go through then embraced each other.

Unlike the previous announcements, it seems that Big Brother wanted for only the two of them to know the results as he summoned them to the confession room.

Who dominated the third duel game, Lou or Mary Grace? What will be the challenge that best friends Fumiya and Andre have to face in order to determine who between them is more deserving to stay in the competition? Get those questions answered by watching PBB Otso!