Vice Ganda enters “PBB Otso” house to help Hasna

It was a good vibes-filled night for viewers last Wednesday (June 5) as Vice Ganda surprised the adult housemates to personally meet and take part in their online ukay task for their fellow housemate Hasna Cabral, who is a mother to two kids with special needs.

Vice brought with him designer clothes and shoes to contribute on the housemates’ ongoing task “Pinoy Big Ukay” where they sell costumes used in Star Cinema movies to help raise funds for Hasna’s children.

The “Ukay Nanay ng Cavite” left a mark in viewers’ hearts after she shared heartwarming story about her two children, and her dream of sending them to school for children with special needs.

“In your long journey as a mother, this is just nothing. But I hope it can lift the weight even just for a short time,” said Vice to Hasna. “I felt the need to go here and help. It is not enough that I was there (at home) crying and didn’t do anything.”

Aside from Vice’s stash of garments, fans can also grab clothes used in movies  “Fantastica,” “The One That Ghost Away,” “The Hows of Us,” “Kusina King,” “3 Words to Forever,” “Sakaling Maging Tayo,” “Last Full Show,” and “Exes Baggage.” To order, visit instagram.com/pbbabscbntv.

Meanwhile, a shocking announcement surprised viewers last Tuesday (June 4) as housemate Banjo Dangalan was force-evicted from the “PBB” house. He first committed a violation and received a warning when the female housemates raised to Kuya that they are not comfortable with Banjo smelling their hair. However, he made another violation after uttering rape jokes while inside the house. He violated the rule that prohibits the use of “words that are degrading to people and other race and lascivious language.”

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