8 touching encounters of PBB Otso ex-housemates with their dads inside the house

Many of our fellow Filipinos aspire to be part of the biggest reality show in the country at present – Pinoy Big Brotherin hopes of fulfilling their greatest ambitions of providing their families better and comfortable lives and breaking into the entertainment scene.

However, as we step towards the fulfillment of our dreams, we have to make a lot of sacrifices and endure a lot of hardships. And for the PBB aspirants, it would be having to conquer the long queues and the series of auditions and having to leave your family in the outside world as you stay inside the famous yellow house once picked to become an official participant. Thus, it’s indeed not surprising to see the housemates cry so hard once their loved ones paid them a visit and embrace them so tight as long as they could.

In celebrating Father’s Day this year, let’s take a look back on the heart-rending and tear-jerking moments of the PBB Otso ex-housemates with their fathers during their stay inside the house.

Seth Fedelin and Daddy Richard

After his father suffered from stroke years ago, Seth was propelled to work at a very young age in order to help their family financially. It was also one of the reasons why he decided to join the reality show. He did everything he could in order to win our admiration and support, as well as to accomplish the special tasks given to him, such as the Basketball Challenge. Because of his success in the said dare, he was able to give his dad the free checkup, therapy, and medications through the generosity of Big Brother.

Lie Reposposa and Daddy Jose

Upon hearing her father’s voice belting out the OPM classic “May Bukas Pa” during the Big Otso Concert Otso-ditions, Lie wasn’t able to contain her emotions especially when she was given the chance to hug him. On their performance night, Lie and Daddy Jose touched the hearts of everyone with their duet of the aforementioned song.

Kaori Oinuma and Daddy Jude

They might not have biological connection but that didn’t hinder Kaori and her stepdad Jude to establish a strong familial bond, as what we saw in their encounter during the Blindfold Noche Buena Task. According to her Papa Jude, the Kawaii Daughter of Japan had been under his care since she was two years old until she turned 13, thus he was able to witness most of her milestones in life.

Jelay Pilones and Daddy Jonathan

With just a few gropes, the Sassy Sipag Girl of General Santos City was able to determine who her special Christmas surprise was and wailed on the spot. After performing with her mom during the Big Otso Concert, Jelay was given the chance to bond with her father for a short time in the Blindfold Noche Buena Task. Her dad described them to have a beautiful father-daughter relationship and shared how a strong and confident girl she is.

Lou Yanong and Daddy Michael

Having to pretend as a mannequin and stand long minutes without moving was indeed a difficult task. But what more if you have to endure not embracing nor talking to your loved one you have longed to see for a very long time? And that’s what happened in the tear-jerking moment of Lou with her Daddy Michael on the eve of her birthday. Despite not having the chance to converse, tears still welled up our eyes as her dad began reading the letter he penned for her. He gave her a necklace and a smooch on the forehead.

Fumiya Sankai with Daddy Akio

The Konnichi-wonder Vlogger of Japan’s reunion with his Daddy Akio and brothers Shunya and Fumiya was absolutely one of the most unforgettable and cutest encounters we’ve probably ever witnessed. Just when he thought that he was only getting a wacky video greeting from them, the three important men in Fumiya’s life flew to the Philippines to celebrate his 24th birthday with him.

Despite not living together for six years, the Sankai family was still able to establish a strong and happy bond, as what we’ve seen during his simple birthday bash.

Batit Espiritu and Daddy Alfredo

There’s nothing more delighting to see the child you once taught to speak and walk as a baby to grow up into a talented individual. That’s why Daddy Alfredo couldn’t hide how proud he was to his youngest brood Batit, whose impromptu performance with his Tatlokoys bandmates and housemates Emjay Savilla and Jem Macatuno he was able to watch when he visited him. Apart from the opportunity to see each other, Daddy Alfredo and Batit also had the chance to spend more time together for Kuya gave them a pampering session inside the house.

Lance Carr and Daddy Roy

In pursuit of giving his team a special advantage in their upcoming basketball game then against the PBB alumni, Lance did his best in accomplishing the special task given to him by Big Brother, not knowing that it would be his Daddy Roy. Because of his knowledge and adeptness in basketball, Daddy Roy served as the special coach of the housemates and taught them different plays that helped them win the fight.