PBB Otso B2B Daily Update: Batch 2 wins 3rd Big Batch-bakan Challenge

Their third and final Big Batch-bakan Challenge for the week might be tough and tedious, but the Big 4 of #Batch2getherForever was still able to successfully finish it, which gave them hope to make it to the Big Night of Pinoy Big Brother Otso

PBB Otso B2B Day 11: Batch 4, ibinigay na ang kanilang regalo sa Batch 1

But before Kuya put Batch 1 and 2 to the last round of the Big Batch-bakan this week, he allowed the Batch 4, composed of Wealand Ferrer, Argel Saycon, Kiara Takahashi, and Akie Poblete, to bestow the Batch 1 Big 4 a mini pampering session, as a way of supporting them in their fight. Because of this fantastic surprise, Karina Bautitsta, Jelay Pilones, Kaori Oinuma, and Lie Reposposa were nothing but thankful for their ate and kuyas’ sweet gesture.

PBB Otso B2B Day 11: Batch 1 at 2, naghanda na sa kanilang huling batch-bakan challenge

Minutes prior to the kick-off the Big Batch-bakan Challenge, Team 4G and Team LAYF huddled separately regarding the strategy their going to use, as well as to motivate one another in pursuit of accomplishing this make-or-break round.

In this round, each group was given a die which they have to transport using four rods while passing through an obstacle course (the maze they used in the previous games) then throw it on the landing positioned at the other side of the activity area. As they rolled it, the face of the die that would be on top should correspond to the three-digit combination “1-4-3”, lest they had to go back to the starting point and repeat the whole process again until they got the number. Apart from that, they also needed to go back to the starting point once the die fell while they traverse the obstacle course.

Once they completed the first two digits, the batch winners were prohibited to join their teammates.

PBB Otso B2B Day 11: Batch 2, naungusan ang Batch 1 sa huling batch-bakan challenge

At first, both groups had a hard time figuring out how to balance the die with their sticks and how to seamlessly move it towards the landing area. Several attempts after, the Batch 2 housemates were able to come up with a good strategy and victoriously got the first two digits. On the other hand, the Batch 1 housemates still found it hard to keep pace with their opponents as they continuously failed to move on from the starting point. But the four girls remained optimistic and persistent that they could do it.

Since there were just the three of them in the game, Lou Yanong, Andre Brouillette, and Fumiya Sankai had a difficult time completing the task as they aimed to get the last digit.

PBB Otso B2B Day 11: Batch 2, panalo sa huling batch-bakan challenge


After several trials, Batch 2 was able to make their die roll with the three-dotted side on top, marking their triumph. The four girls accepted their defeat and cheerfully congratulated them with smiles still painted on their weary and sweaty faces.

The Batch 3 and Batch 4 housemates were quick to greet them for a job well done and assisted them, such as by simply wiping off their sweats and giving them water.

PBB Otso B2B Day 11: Batch 1, emosyonal matapos ang batch-bakan challenge

Even though they had already accepted their loss, the Batch 1 Big 4 couldn’t help themselves from being emotional due to the disappointment they felt after failing to get at least one digit. The other housemates consoled them, particularly Lou and Ashley Del Mundo of #BatchUltimate3hreat, by giving them words of encouragement and motivating them to just do better in the next Big Batch-bakan Challenges.

PBB Otso B2B Day 11: Fumiya, kabilang na sa Big Otso Housemates ni Kuya

In the end, it was the “Konnichi-Wonder Vlogger of Japan” who scored the fifth seat to the Big 8 after leading the public votes tally. He received 62.1% of the total public votes, versus the 31.57% of Lou and the 6.33% of Andre.

Who’s going to clinch the final three seats to the Big Night? Let’s all find out by tuning in to Pinoy Big Brother Otso!