PBB Otso B2B Daily Update: Wealand, Kaori finally clear things out about their special past

It was indeed a rollercoaster of emotions in the July 18 episode of Pinoy Big Brother Otso as the longtime friends Kaori Oinuma of #Batch1AndOnly and Wealand Ferrer of #Batch4TheWin were able to iron out the misunderstandings they had in the past while Andre Brouillette of #Batch2getherForever wasn’t able to contain the overwhelming emotions he’s been keeping to himself.

PBB Otso B2B Day 12: Kiara, ikinuwento ang nararamdaman ni Wealand kay Kaori

As everyone in the house were still apparently couldn’t get enough of the “lovestory” of Kaori and Wealand, it had become the topic of the girl housemates’ discussion while inside their bedroom. Being one of the closest friends of Wealand among their batch, Kiara Takahashi disclosed to them the genuine feelings he has for her and that the original reason why he’s persistent to join the reality show was actually her. Even though this thrilled everyone inside the room, Karina Bautista reminded them not to pressure Kaori to which they all agreed.

PBB Otso B2B Day 12: Kuya, pinayuhan si Wealand sa kanyang nararamdaman kay Kaori

On the other hand, the “KwelAmazing Kuya of Nueva Ecija” heeded the advice of the LouDre to take the risk of sparking a conversation with his childhood friend to find out the answers to the questions he’s been longing to ask her by mustering enough courage to finally talk to her that evening.

Kuya advised him as well regarding his feelings for her and told him how important it would be for them to tackle their past before moving on to the future. He also warned to brace himself to whatever the outcome of their conversation would be because at the end of the day, what matters most is that they’ll be true with themselves.

PBB Otso B2B Day 12: Kaori at Wealand, nilinaw ang nararamdaman para sa isa't isa

With the help of the guy housemates, Wealand was able to prepare a simple setup for his heart-to-heart talk with the “Kawaii Daughter of Japan” and to drive out everyone in the garden. Once everything’s in order, he courageously stood in front of them and invited Kaori to join him outside by performing the rap song he composed on-the-spot, which totally brought kilig vibes to everyone.

At first, he found it hard to express what he wanted to say due to the extreme jitters he felt, but he later on calmed down and gathered enough guts to ask why their connection suddenly dwindled and how sorry he is for not being able to fulfill his promise of becoming her friend after she turned him down.

She apologized for whatever happened and explained that she did that because she thought that she’s not fully matured yet to accept his affection for her and she didn’t want him to wait for so long since she doesn’t have plans on committing in a relationship until she finished college. Kaori also related that she’s afraid to completely lose the beautiful friendship they have once they took their relationship to the next level.

Wealand further divulged the other things they’ve been pining to say by handing her candies with short messages on its wrappers and telling her how weird it is for him to feel happy despite being rejected because he feels great seeing her grow. They ended their convo with a warm embrace and talking to Kuya separately.

PBB Otso B2B Day 12: Andre, naging emosyonal sa kanyang pinagdadaanan

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to us, Andre Brouillette was actually emotional before the announcement of Fumiya Sankai’s inclusion to the Big 8. According to him he wasn’t able to hold anymore the extreme emotions their return to the house has brought him, which was probably intensified by the pressure of the challenges and the selection of the Big 8. Fortunately, his fellow #Batch2getherForever housemates were there to console him.

PBB Otso B2B Day 12: Team LAYF, dinamayan sa kalungkutan ang isa’t isa

Their heartwarming and tear-jerking conversation continued after the program, with each one of them telling him to just hold on and continue fighting since they’re almost at the end of the competition and there’s only a few more days left in their journey inside the house.

PBB Otso B2B Day 12: Kuya, ipinaalam ang plano ng Batch 1 at 3 sa Team LAYF

For the second wave of the Big Batch-bakan Challenge, Kuya told the housemates that this is going to have two parts and on the first part, there’s going to only have two groups. Thus, a teen batch and an adult batch have to merge. However, this partnership will end on the second part as whoever wins the first round will be pitted against each other.

Since the Batch 2 was the one to claim the fifth seat, they had the power to choose the group they want to team-up with. So in order to help them decide, he asked the teen housemates to prepare a creative presentation that could compel Team LAYF to choose them as their partners.

PBB Otso B2B Day 12: Batch 1, nagpakitang gilas para piliin ng Team LAYF

The first one to present was the 4G, comprised by Karina Bautista, Kaori Oinuma, Jelay Pilones and Lie Reposposa, who entertained the Batch 2 Big 4 with their awesome rap performance. Afterwards, Lou quizzed them regarding their strengths, to which they sincerely responded.

For Kaori, it would be physical strength, focus for Lie, precise estimation for Jelay, and keen memory for Karina.

PBB Otso B2B Day 12: Batch 3, nagpakitang gilas din para piliin ng Team LAYF

#BatchUltimate3hreat came in next, mimicking the cheer and signature fatigue uniform of Team LAYF. Their pitch might not be musical all throughout, but the Batch 2 Big 4 was apparently impressed with how they eloquently stated their strengths and what they can contribute to the tasks their going to undergo.

PBB Otso B2B Day 12: Team LAYF, pinili na maging kakampi ang Batch 3

In the end, #Batch2getherForever made a unanimous decision and picked Team TBAY, comprised by Tan Roncal, Batit Espiritu, Ashley del Mundo, and Yen Quirante.

After the deliberation, 4G immediately approached the Batch 4 who are going to be their teammates on the next Big Batch-bakan.

Whose partnership will stand out in the next Big Batch-bakan Challenge? Stay tuned in to Pinoy Big Brother Otso for you to find out!