PBB Otso B2B Daily Update: Batch winners named, four more slots in Big Night revealed

Day 7 of Pinoy Big BrotherBack-to-Bahay” was full of exciting moments and revelations as Andre Brouillette had to do the task with the ‘Yanong sisters’ and as the batch winners reveal finally happened. 

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While Batit Espiritu and Lou Yanong were getting to know each other more in the special place, Kuya was already talking to Akie Poblete and Argel Saycon about the boys’ task, which was to look and pretend like Lou and let Andre find out who his real girlfriend is. 

After talking to Kuya and meeting Lou for the first time, both Akie and Argel talked to the boys, except of course Andre, about the task and immediately prepared for it. They all had their makeup and girl outfits done. While Kuya was explaining to Andre his task, the Yanong sisters were already preparing in the living room. 

All of the boy housemates looked so girly in their transformation. When Andre was already trying to guess the real Lou, Lou herself was even trying to not be herself just to confuse his boyfriend. At the end, Andre was successful in his task and it was so evident how the lovebirds missed each other as they gave each other a huge hug.

After this fun task, Big Brother congratulated all his Big Four and announced afterwards that they all have yet to find out who the big winner is in every batch. All four batch winners will receive special prizes and gifts from PBB including P100,000 each and a seat in the big throne which means they will have a sure spot at the Big Night. 

For Batch 1, the batch winner among Lie Reposposa, Karina Bautista, Kaori Oinuma, and Jelay Pilones, was none other than the Teenig ng Tawanan ng Davao, Lei, who got a total of 37.48% votes from the people. 

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Meanwhile, the housemate who got the highest percentage of votes from the viewers in the second batch including Lou, Andre, Yamyam Gucong, and Fumiya Sankai, was the Iskulit Bai ng Bohol, Yamyam. He garnered a total of 52.9%, more than half of the total votes from the viewers. 

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Next up was from the third batch including Batit, Ashley del Mundo, Tan Roncal, and Yen Quirante. With 63.38% of the votes, the batch winner of Batch 3 was Ashley, the Adventurous Angel of Australia. 

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Last but not the least, among Akie, Argel, Kiara Takahashi, and Wealand Ferrer, the one whom people chose to be the Batch 4 Winner was none other than the Singing Surfer of La Union, Kiara, who garnered a total of 50.24% of the votes. 

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Lie, Yamyam, Ashley, and Kiara could not contain their happiness when they all found out they were the winners of their batches. They could not thank Big Brother and their supporters enough for giving them that blessing and opportunity. 

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After the big announcement, Kuya revealed that in addition to the four “thrones” occupied by the batch winners, four more seats to the “Big Otso” are up for grabs. The remaining batches will battle in the “Pinoy Big Batch-bakan” to determine the final qualifiers for the Big Night.

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The prizes that await the Big Otso Winners include P100,000 for the eighth, seventh, sixth, and fifth big placers; P400,000 for the fourth big placer; P300,000 for the third big placer; P500,000 and a condominium unit for the second big placer; and P2,000,000, a condominium unit, and a travel tour package worth P300,000 for the Pinoy Big Brother Otso Big Winner.