PBB Otso B2B Daily Update: Wealand admits previously wooing his ‘crush’ Kaori

The Pinoy Big Brother House is finally complete with all the Big Four winners from all the batches, having Lou Yanong and Batit Espiritu as the last Balik-to-Bahay housemates to come back. 

Early in the morning, Jelay Pilones expressed her happiness coming back into the PBB house, saying she can’t believe she’s back again and can be with the rest of the housemates including her batchmates. Andre Brouillete couldn’t contain his happiness as well and started off the day right dancing as, according to him, a way of waking up and enjoying the morning. He even told his co-housemates, Tan Roncal and Yamyam Gucong, that he hopes his girlfriend Lou comes in already. Meanwhile, Lie Reposposa and Akie Poblete got to bond in the treadmill. Lie was happy she got to learn how to use it through the help of Akie who admitted he saw right away how Lie is so energetic and fun to be with.

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Even before officially being part of the Big Four of his batch, Wealand Ferrer already shared to his batchmates that he has long been friends with one of the Big Four from PBB Otso Batch 1, Kaori Oinuma, whose brother is his classmate in elementary. Also, although shy, he admitted he had a crush on Kaori and even courted her but unfortunately, she rejected him. Moreover, Wealand revealed that Kaori was the reason why he actually joined PBB – he wanted to follow her. 

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Both Kaori and Ashley del Mundo expressed their excitement coming back into the house when they got to talk again to Big Brother. Kaori said she feels like it is going to be more exciting as they’re a lot of housemates inside the house. Kuya talked to Ashley afterwards while Kaori was in the “special place” where she was told to stay in the meantime. Big Brother asked about the Tagalog skills of Ashley and she said she’s learning everyday through the help of her batchmates Batit, Tan, and Yen Quirante. Ashley was also told to go to the special place before finally entering the house. That was where she and Kaori met. 

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While Ashley and Kaori were getting to know each other more, Kuya called Akie and Argel Saycon for a task. But first, they were asked what they would do during their free time or leisure time when they were still outside the house. And both said they were fond of playing basketball. That is why they were asked to play something that is quite related to basketball. Akie and Argel became human baskets where they had to put the basket above their head and they were positioned at each end of the court. In this game, they got to play with the two back-to-bahay housemates, Kaori and Ashley, who shot the ball to the basket using a long piece of cloth. And for every ball they shot, they were given the chance to choose which food they would want to bring inside the house. In the end, they managed to get four food items.

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Ashley was the first to come inside and it was so evident how she was so happy seeing the housemates and her batchmates including Yen and of course, Tan. Tan was even shy at first but gave Ashley a big hug after. He even decided to cook hotdogs even though he normally does not cook. 

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While Ashley was eating, Kuya already gave a signal to Kaori to come inside. When she went in, she and her batchmates all hugged each other and Wealand was also obviously happy and shocked when she came in. The housemates continued to tease both of them.