Meet Kuya’s Vietnamese ‘housemates’

The first episode of Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 kicked off with lots of surprises yesterday, July 11. Aside from host Robi Domingo, the first celebrity housemates that entered the Big Brother house in Vietnam were Hashtags members Nikko Natividad and McCoy de Leon.

When all of the remaining celebrity housemates settled down, they had their first meal and little did they know there’s another surprise that’s coming up.

While they were dining in, there were three Vietnamese actors inside the Phong Thu Toi (confession room); Kuya welcomed them and soon they introduced themselves.

Chiibu is a 31-year old actor that mostly does action movies and he was once a housemate of the Vietnam Big Brother. Annie on the other hand is a 26-year old actress and she often does TV dramas. The last one was Thuy, a full-blooded Vietnamese but was born in the Philippines and lived in the country for 13 years.

Big Brother gave them the task to pretend as the final Big 3 housemates inside the Vietnam Big Brother house and they couldn’t speak English. The task aims for the Pinoy housemates to comprehend their language without any help from the dictionary.

The Pinoy housemates tried to understand the Vietnamese nationals even though none of them speaks their language.

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