‘Pinoy Big Brother’ Journey: Yong Muhajil

After becoming the fourth lucky sun and making it to the The Dream Team of “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7”, Yong Muhajil, the “Pag-A-Son ng Angkan ng Zamboanga”, is now one of Kuya’s Lucky 7 housemates and he will have the chance to become this season’s Ultimate Big Winner. Today, let us look back at some of the highlights of his “Pinoy Big Brother” journey.

Yong, 16 years old, was one of this season’s teen housemates who entered the “Pinoy Big Brother” house last August 6, 2016. He shared that he decided to join the reality competition because it has been his dream to become and housemate and a celebrity, as well as help his family financially.

While inside the house, Yong entertained the viewers with his funny expressions and antics. Throughout his stay, he proved that even though he doesn’t have the height of a model, he can still be the perfect model because of his good looks and undeniable charm.

When the two Brazilian models entered the PBB house for the Miss Teen Big Brother, Yong couldn’t help but admire the beauty of their houseguests. Since he had a hard time talking to the two because he’s not very fluent in English, he showed his admiration in other ways and proved that actions definitely speak louder than words.

Yong and Christian Morones competed for the 4th lucky sun. The two teen housemates did a challenge with help from their fellow housemates. After winning two rounds, Yong was declared the 4th lucky sun and became a member of Kuya’s Dream Team.



Yong comes from a very big family. He was born 14th out of 17 siblings and he was raised in a rural life with his whole family. After completing a task with the rest of the teen housemates, he was given the opportunity to reunite with his family and he got to spend a meal with all of his 16 siblings and his mother inside the PBB house. The family reunion also came a day after Yong got to spend a few minutes with her sister, Mona, whose unplanned pregnancy became a subject of his worry.

Will Yong be this season’s Ultimate Big Winner?

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