‘Pinoy Big Brother’ Journey: McCoy de Leon and Nikko Natividad

After becoming the 2nd Lucky Star and making it to The Dream Team of “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7”, McCoy de Leon, the “Hashtag Boy Tatag ng Tondo”, and Nikko Natividad, the “Hashtag Boy Sipag ng Bulacan” are now part of Kuya’s Lucky 7 housemates and they will have the chance to become this season’s Ultimate Big Winner. Today, let us look back at some of the highlights of their “Pinoy Big Brother” journey.

McCoy, 21 years old, and Nikko, 23 years old, were two of this season’s celebrity housemates who arrived at the “Pinoy Big Brother” house last July 4, 2016 and immediately flew to the Vietnamese Big Brother house. The Hashtags members also served as 2-in-1 housemates, meaning they will only be considered as one.


Inside the house, McCoy accidentally found an inspiration in another celebrity housemate, Elisse Joson. The other housemates immediately noticed the undeniable chemistry of the two and they were teased multiple times during their stay. Eventually, they got to know each other even more and they were called together as McLisse.


McCoy always lights up a room with his charming smile and positive aura. However, whenever he talked about his family and the sacrifices he made for them, he couldn’t help but shed some tears. When he was reunited with his mother after being apart for a long time, he became very emotional and wasn’t afraid to show what he really felt.

McCoy and Nikko became the 2nd Lucky Star after garnering the highest number of text votes. They accumulated 46.95% of the votes beating all the other celebrity housemates including Yassi Pressman and Elisse Joson, both fan favorites, who only accumulated 20.85% and 17.13% of the votes respectively.

Nikko became very emotional when he revealed to Kuya that he has a one-year-old baby with his non-showbiz girlfriend. Inside the confession room, he shared that he decided to keep his baby and his relationship with the mother hidden from the public because he had to for the sake of his career.



While he was in Hong Kong Disneyland with McCoy, Elisse and Maymay Entrata, Nikko received a very special surprise from Big Brother. After surviving scary rides and completing a task, he was given the time to bond with his son in public as they roamed around the amusement park together.

Will McCoy and Nikko be this season’s Ultimate Big Winner? Don’t miss PBB’s Big Weekend Finale on March 4 (Saturday) and March 5 (Sunday).