‘Pinoy Big Brother’ Journey: Kisses Delavin

Last Sunday night, Kisses Delavin, the “Miracle Daughter ng Masbate”, was announced as one of Kuya’s Lucky 7 Dream Team housemates who will have the chance to become this season’s Ultimate Big Winner. Today, let us look back at some of the highlights of her “Pinoy Big Brother” journey.

Kisses, 17 years old, entered the “Pinoy Big Brother” house last August 2016 with the other lucky teen girl housemates. She was called the “Miracle Daughter” because out of the eight pregnancies her mother had, she was the only one who survived. The teen beauty queen shared that she joined PBB to know what her mission in life is.

Inside the “Pinoy Big Brother” house, Kisses wasn’t afraid to show her kikay self. She had several cute make-up moments throughout the months. One unforgettable moment was during a nomination, she asked Kuya to wait for her because she had to put on make-up first.

As part of the preparation for Miss Teen Big Brother, the girl teen housemates underwent a special training with former beauty queen Precious Lara Quigaman. Even though she was already a beauty queen herself, Kisses shed some tears when Precious Lara tried to test her strength and confidence by saying hurtful words about her.

Kisses became very emotional while sharing some of her reasons why she joined “Pinoy Big Brother”. Growing up as an only child, her loving parents were always there to support her and provide everything she needed. However, as she grew older, she realized that she needed to learn to stand on her own feet and not always depend on her parents. Staying inside the house, she learned to become a more responsible and independent person.

Last November 13, the “Miracle Daughter ng Masbate” became Kuya’s second lucky sun after she garnered the highest percentage of votes from the public, 48.53%. She joined Edward Barber who got the first lucky sun after winning the Big Jump Challenge.


Kisses became the talk of the town when she confessed to Big Brother that she started to develop feelings for Marco Gallo. However, Marco only considered her as his close friend because he was falling for another housemate, Vivoree Esclito. Kisses emotionally shared to Kuya that she was already tired of always not being chosen.


Inside the house, Kisses found a best friend in Maymay Entrata. The two teen housemates bonded like sisters during their first stay. However, their friendship was put to a test when they had a minor misunderstanding after they returned to the PBB house. Kisses shared that while they were at the outside world, some things changed in their friendship and she felt that they were starting to fall apart. Fortunately, after a serious conversation, the two were able to settle their differences and they survived this hurdle in their relationship.

Will Kisses be this season’s Ultimate Big Winner?

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