Get to know “Courtside Kusinero ng Zamboanga” Christian Morones

Christian Morones, who has one of the strongest personalities inside the Pinoy Big Brother house, simply described himself as “unique.” He shared that what made him join the reality show was because of his brother.

“Kasi may scoliosis yung kapatid ko po yung second. Kung manalo po ako sana gusto ko matulungan ko siya mapagaling,” he elaborated.

The 15-year old “Courtside Kusinero of Zamboanga” thought that what makes him deserving to win is because of his eagerness to help his brother and to repay his parents.

With no media exposure from the past, he considers his PBB stint as his greatest achievement yet. Christian, who is still in high school would want to take up Hotel and Restaurant Management when he goes to college.

Christian then described the words ‘love,’ ‘family’ and God. For him, love is ‘hindi siya inaasahan tapos parang kung ano mangyari mangyayari kaya dapat handa ka. In short love is a four-letter word with nothing of words to explain.’ Family is ‘yung nagmamahal sayo through thick and thin, sila kasama mo.’

And lastly, he said that ‘when you instill god in your life everything will change.’

Get to know more about Christian by watching Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 weeknights, after Born For You on ABS-CBN.