Get to know “Pilyo Bello ng Italy” Marco Gallo

Prior to joining Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7, half-Filipino, half-Italian Marco Gallo said that he is just an ordinary boy from Milan where he met Filipinos and earned a following on Facebook.

Although he did not go viral online, he shared how it happened. “Nagsimula ng college, may nakilala po akong Pilipino. ‘Dun po nagsimula na (dumami). Pagkatapos lahat po nag-add po na mga Pilipino na classmates tapos kanilang kaibigan taga-Pilipinas, nakita nila friend ako, inadd po lahat. So sa isang day, naging 3000 friend requests tapos inadd ko po lahat. Hanggang sa isang week, 5000 na,” he said, adding that he was not able to add the others as his account is already full.

In school, he shared how he did everything to pull up his grades in the subjects he is not doing well last year. He said he considers this a great achievement.

In one word, Marco described himself as “Makulit.” He also said that he joined PBB to know about the culture of the Philippines. “Kasi yung last time na pumunta po ako ng Pilipinas, 2008 at hindi ko natandaan medyo ‘yung Pilipinas,” he said.

Saying that he idolizes former PBB housemates James Reid and Bailey May, he hopes people will like him like how they like them as well.

While he said he has no strategy inside the house, he said that he will try to improve himself as that is what PBB is about. He said that he will try to give his best, the reason why he should be the Big Winner. He said his motto is Carpe Diem, meaning to “Seize the day.”

According to Marco, he is good with sports. He also knows how to cook and would like to cook Sinangag and Italian pasta inside Big Brother’s house. When asked to describe what ‘love’ is for him, Marco said, “It’s something that arrives when you don’t expect.” While he said ‘family’ is always beside you, he said ‘youth’ should be used well as it is not forever. He described God as a friend.

Watch out for Marco Gallo on Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7, every night on ABS-CBN.