PILIkula Wedding Dress For Sale:  Lalaine begins to doubt her relationship with Paul

Five years into the relationship, Paul (Brian Gocheco) and Lalaine (Diana Mackey) decided to take the exciting yet scary path leading to their union. She envisioned herself, like most women in love, walking down the aisle in a beautiful white dress as the love of her life waits for her at the altar in a garden wedding ceremony. Paul vowed to make that dream come true.

The scene opened with Lalaine fitting her wedding dress in front a mirror. It was supposed to be her big day but the wedding plan was halted by the pandemic. Her dream was cancelled. In what seems like fate playing tricks on her, a series of dilemma begins to pile up. 

The first on the long list of problems is the couple’s depleted wedding funds. Lalaine had to coordinate with the wedding suppliers and demand for refund, or at least haggle with them. The task was frustrating. Not everyone was easy to deal with. After exchanging phone calls with different groups, she was only able to make a successful negotiation with three vendors. 

Lalaine dialled her fiancé via video call to tell him about her plan of selling the wedding dress in order to recover one-third of the money they spent for the cancelled event. He was dumbstruck upon the sight of his gorgeous bride in a wedding gown. 

Paul would tell Lalaine to just keep the dress with her, hopeful that the wedding would push through as soon as the world goes back to normal. He kept on insisting that he can easily recover the expenses by taking on more gigs as musician.  Lalaine would argue and say she’s just being realistic. Their savings is in bad shape.   

With a wounded ego, Paul mistakes Lalaine’s practicality as displeasure. He shouted at her assuming that she was thinking of calling it quits because of his inability to provide her a good life. 

As soon as the call ended, Lalaine was caught at a crossroad. A series of flashback scenes established how Paul and Lalaine started as lovers. The independent Lalaine fell for the laidback Paul’s effortless ability to make her smile. But he has his bad sides as well. The flashback hinted at Paul’s financial instability as a no-gig-no-pay musician, and his slight impatience. 

In limbo of her emotions, Lalaine would seek the help of three important people to make a decision. She would contact Paul’s ex-girlfriend and mom of his son, Cherry; her younger sister, Nina; and her best friend Jessie. 

In this episode, Lalaine reached out to Cherry. The conversation was awkward at first, with the ex-girlfriend almost giving the bride-to-be a cold shoulder. To answer Lalaine’s questions, Cherry spilled that she and Paul met in college while he was performing in an indie bar, until their special relationship brought them their child, Alon. Cherry said Paul abandoned her two months into the pregnancy. He came back soon after but Cherry decided she won’t settle for a man who’d only be there when things are convenient. As the conversation continues, Cherry got more warm and friendly. She said Paul has noticeably changed for the better because of his love for Lalaine, proving so is his wish to settle down with her. She welcomed Lalaine as her son’s second mom. 

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