Lou Yanong bares journey and inner thoughts via artworks

From being the young adult we met in the reality show Pinoy Big Brother, Kapamilya star Lou Yanong has transformed into an empowered woman full of self-love, creativity, and sheer brilliance. These qualities shined bright, without Lou making an effort to, as she talked about her new project “PILIkula: Ivy Lives,” her profound paintings, and how she keeps her body strong and mind at peace.

At a time of a pandemic and with all the noise around her, Lou found the perfect antidote to anxieties. And they’re simple. It might sound ‘very Tita’ to some but Lou swears by the calming effect of arts and crafts, meditation (much better with the sound of nature playing in the background), and essential oils.

She loves her yoga time as well. It’s an all-in-one exercise. It helps you sweat it out, calm the mind, and for someone with joint problems like Lou, you would feel relaxed than beaten up.

Lou suffers from a lower back problem, which she probably got from a wrong stretching move in the past. This limits her ability to lift heavy equipment. She tried to do hardcore gym workouts (including weight-lifting) before and it only worsened the pain. Thus, she found yoga as her perfect match.

Yoga also improves flexibility, balance, and posture, which is perfect since Lou aims to learn how to do a split, and head stunts. For now, she’s still in the beginner level. Lou tries to be extra careful with her movements first to avoid hurting the back. She focuses on strengthening her core and flexibility until she progresses to doing intense poses.

Lou is still looking for the best digital app or a friend who can train her. For now, she’s taking advantage of free online classes. The ex-PBB housemate does her routine before bed. She does back-friendly exercises first, then, she proceeds to yoga, shower, and sleeping time. 

A true woman of substance, Lou expresses her viewpoints through profound artworks. And for the first time, she opened up about her paintings in this interview. Lou said that she considers her paintings as very personal, so call yourself lucky for this opportunity to take a glimpse of Lou’s artistry, and inner thoughts. 

Lou first showed a busy painting reminiscent of her days of “loss” and “depression.” It was made after she moved out at a young age. It can be recalled that she was introduced in the reality show Pinoy Big Brother as an independent young adult. The most dominant elements in the painting are faces of women, with senses plastered with colors. It represents being lost and groping around her new, unfamiliar place.

One of her favorites is a self-portrait, an image of a female face in the middle surrounded by other intriguing elements like an eye and a smaller face. Lou loves women as subjects. She thinks a female body represents strength. She loves how girls look feminine yet strong enough to handle emotions. Lou is an advocate of women empowerment. Another element she likes best is the use of warm colors.

The next one would have to be one of her most difficult artworks. Coincidentally, it’s reminiscent of a scene from her digital series PILIkula: “Ivy Lives.” It shows a mirror selfie of a naked woman in the bathroom. She had a difficult time polishing the details. This one’s more free-flowing, minimalistic, and clean.

Lastly, Lou showed an artwork that represents her home network and its current battle. She painted, again, a woman’s face. She used the color black to put a gag on the subject’s mouth. The colors red (halo above the female’s head), green (hair color), and blue (skin color) are reminiscent of ABS-CBN logo. She added a grainy effect on the background. Lou plans to have it auctioned and donate the money to a charity.

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