Brian and Diana share details about “Pilikula: Wedding Dress on Sale” and play kilig couple games on Kapamilya Chat

Before the good-vibes ‘kilig’ series Make it With You went off the air, newbie actor Brian Gocheco had left quite a mark on the show’s avid viewers. He was Val, the employee who Gabo (Enrique Gil) mistook for someone else on his own birthday party. Taking us back to their last taping days before the lockdown, Brian said they were fighting the fears with optimism. The increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the country was all over the news then, and they were starting to worry about what will happen next, yet still trying to convince themselves that things will turn out well.

Diana Mackey was a force to be reckoned with in the pageant world and she gained more popularity upon joining Pinoy Big Brother Otso. It’s been five months, and counting, since she went back to her hometown in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija due to the quarantine policies. Diana wouldn’t want to spend these uncertain times anywhere else than by her family’s side. Despite being away from the city, she still continues with her schooling via online classes. On her free time, the up-and-coming actress hones her expertise in cooking specifically all kinds of pasta and creates online content.

Meanwhile, Brian took the stay-at-home phase as a break from his usual grind yet still kept it productive. His typical day before all of these happened were mostly spent on workshops, tapings, and modelling and hosting gigs. Now that his schedule’s been cleared from tight work obligations, Brian goes chill with video game streaming, playing the guitars and drums, and writing songs. The commercial model turned actor is a certified music lover!

“Pilikula: Wedding Dress for Sale”

Brian’s musicality is channelled in his newest role as Paul in the interactive digital series “Pilikula: Wedding Dress for Sale,” where he plays as a free-spirited musician engaged to the career-driven, independent woman Lalaine portrayed by Diana.

By the sounds of it, Paul and Lalaine are a couple with opposing characters. He goes with the flow and can be vulnerable at times while she takes life so seriously and has keen attention to details (like most brides-to be). But the conflict doesn’t revolve just around their personal differences. This TVDG newest offering aims to play around true to life relationship scenarios during this pandemic, thus viewers could expect a relatable synopsis that will surely tug at the heartstrings.  

Brian and Diana share details about Pilikula Wedding Dress on Sale and play kilig couple games on Kapamilya Chat 1

Paul and Lalaine’s road to forever was hampered by the lockdown policies, giving rise to a pile of dramas, issues, and problems that would put their relationship to the test. Besides the cancelled wedding, the couple would have to deal with their emotional struggles, opposing takes on their situation, and depleted wedding funds. This leads the lovers to a crossroad, and the viewers are handed the powers to help Paul and Lalaine decide on their fate.  The audiences have the chance to pick their desired finale by voting for the short film’s next scenes using special stickers on the KUMU app. The completed short film will then be uploaded on ABS CBN Entertainment YouTube and oks.abs-cbn.com

The series’ leads stars said they can relate to their characters in some ways. When asked about their takeaways from the story, Brian and Diana underscored that wedding isn’t a mere one-time occasion. It takes a lot of preparation and maturity, leading us back to the old Filipino proverb that compares marriage to cooked rice.

Diana emphasized that feelings can be put on hold during these uncertain times as there are more important things to prioritize. “Love can wait. Sa pandemic ngayon, marami tayong pwedeng unahin na bagay lalo na financially. Pwede kang magapakasal anyime. You could be engaged for a long time basta ihanda n’yo muna ang sarili n’yo.”

“Be more responsible with your actions and think about the repercussions. Kung ano ‘yung gawa mo, think of what will happen as a result of it… Love life isn’t easy and you will always have to work things if you love that person no matter what the fault they do or kung ano’ng mali nila sa’yo,” Brian added.

The film was shot by the actors themselves from their own homes, thus the challenging responsibility to fix their own wardrobe, makeup, lighting, and even camera angles. Of course, there was a full coordination with the production team. It was quite a dilemma for Diana. She had no one else to run to but her parents, who aren’t that tech-savvy. Although he got help from friends with background in videography, Brian encountered funny ‘nuisances’ while filming such as “may naririnig kang roosters.”       

“Pilikula: Wedding Dress for Sale” will have a digital premier on July 13 (Monday). Interested fans who want to avail for an exclusive advance screening of Episodes 1-3 and join the cast for a Zoom party may get their SVIP (P1,000) and VIP (P750) tickets at ktx.ph. The SVIP ticket holders will also get the chance to have a virtual one-on-one chat with their chosen cast member.

Brian and Diana are joined by Camille Sandel, AC Sangab, and Reign Parani in the cast.

Compatibility Test and Compliment Battle

Before landing their roles as lovers in “Pilikula: Wedding Dress for Sale,” Brian and Diana have known each other through auditions. Brian admits that he would notice their chemistry on these meetings. Let’s see if this chemistry transcends beyond the screens by giving them a 10-item compatibility test.

The first two rounds were quite a challenge for Brian and Diana. He failed to guess her favorite food while she also got his favorite mobile game wrong. The correct answers are adobo and Dark Soul (a fantasy game).

But, by the third question, the on-screen pair was on a roll! Diana revealed that arrogant people who look down on others and tardiness are her major pet peeves, and Brian got a point for this item.

It was ‘kilig’ to know that Brian had Diana’s birthday memorized. She was born on December 24 in 1997, the year when Princess Diana died, hence, her birth name. Fun fact: Her father is named Harry, a namesake of the royalty’s eldest son.

Diana joined the Miss Philippines-Earth pageant in 2015, and Brian knows about this as well. To validate their compatibility even more, he revealed that he also won in a pageant, the Mr. Chinatown competition.

Brian stands 5’10.5“ tall, and Diana’s answer was close enough. She wrote down 5’10”, earning them a point. Meanwhile, Diana measures 5’9” in height, so it is no wonder why these two look perfect on-screen!   

Brian mentioned that “Mano Po 2” is his favorite local film and gaming and music are his ultimate hobbies.  By the end of the challenge, Diana and Brian got a passing score, proving that they are indeed compatible!

The new reel couple also engaged in a ‘Compliment Battle’ where they exchanged flattery for one minute. Brian kicked off the game by praising Diana’s lovely eyes. They commented on each other’s physical attributes, personality, sense of style, and their chemistry.

“PILIkula” is part of the growing list of digital content of OKS (Online Kapamilya Shows).   

Catch Brian and Diana in the digital series “Pilikula: Wedding Dress for Sale” with an exclusive premiere on July 13 (Monday) on OKS.abs-cbn.com.