Lucky 7 Big Winners Who Made Their Mark
They all stepped on the podium after the Big Announcement came with cheers from an adoring crowd as confetti rained on them. And, there they were hailed and glorified as Pinoy Big Brother’s Big Winner for the season.

Accomplishing this is definitely one big feat, as enduring and overcoming about 100 days secluded from the world and taking on challenging tasks and dealing with diverse personalities to get to that celebrated spot on Big Night really takes one Herculean effort.

But an even bigger challenge would be life after Pinoy Big Brother, taking that distinction and rewards of being a Big Winner to millions and translate that to their everyday lives. Will they still be a Big Winner on their own?

Here are the Lucky 7 Big Winners from the past 11 years of Pinoy Big Brother, who all succeeded in taking that challenge and became even Bigger Winners, not in the reality show wherein we got to know them initially but in their real lives.

Nene Tamayo

The very first Big Winner is known for her no-nonsense stance and leadership, which made her known as the “Kumander.” This she took beyond the confines of Bahay Ni Kuya and began a career, not as a prominent artist, but as an “intrepid entrepreneur.” Nene is now the proprietor of Nene Prime Foods, which became a successful business offering sumptuous Spanish-style milkfish (bangus) to our plates.

Kim Chiu

She was the “Chinese Cutie from Cebu” who only wanted to help her family make both ends meet in the hopes of winning the first PBB Teen Edition in 2006. And she did take the Big Winner title during that edition, endearing audiences with her pristine and enamoring nature. But surely that wasn’t the last time we heard from her—Kim Chiu became one of the entertainment world’s brightest young actresses who further reached the pinnacle of being one of the country’s top female stars with blockbuster movies, top rating teleseryes and platinum record albums under her belt. Now the “Chinita Princess,” Kim is definitely reached even a higher plain, thanks to hard work and dedication to her craft.
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