7 reasons why we remain hooked on Pinoy Big Brother for 11 Years!
C’mon, admit it.

Pinoy Big Brother is one fix you can’t just shrug off. And, it has been so for the past 11 years in 13 Philippine incarnations of the Dutch reality show franchise.

Why were we crazy about it? Why are we continuing to rave for the show at present with the upcoming Lucky Season 7? And, why do we continue to anticipate future editions, with much excitement?

7 reasons why we remain hooked on Pinoy Big Brother for 11 Years  1

Here are seven reasons why we remain hooked!

1) It has an addicting format!
While it can be bothersome, we all take interest at, sometimes to the point of being glued to, the goings-on in other people’s lives. As this is certainly a jab against our need for privacy, this format has brought this “craving” out in the open. And most of us can’t get enough of it. This is embodied by the almighty Big Brother watching the housemates’ every move and giving his booming authoritative voice on what must be done, what must be corrected, and what will be followed.

2) Interesting mix of housemates
In each season aired, from the regular ones and teen clashes to the celebrity edition and the specials, such as this year’s Lucky Season 7, all viewers are definitely charmed and smitten by the diversity of housemates—from overseas Filipinos, athletes, and housewives to comedians, models and simply that gorgeous cutie from wherever. We can’t just wait to see them mix it all up and brace for the outcome.

3) Always the First
You would notice that no editions of PBB through the years were ever the same. There were seasons with two-in-one housemates and even reserved housemates, and others merging celebrities, teens and adults in one edition, and the last one having two editions in one season that ended up with two Big Winners. This year, another first is introduced—having housemates housed in a foreign Big Brother house, in Vietnam! This adds to the appeal of the show as it always brings a new vibe every time a new season surfaces. People would naturally expect the unexpected, leaving them curious and eager to witness what breakthrough or startling twist to the format will emerge.

4) Expecting the controversial
As we start watching each new day in the life of a housemate, we always anticipate something to happen that will set mouths ablaze, with buzz surging in breakneck speed especially with social media tools in place. Of course, we want to see it as it happens, be it a kiss-and-tell from such moments as that hot pool in Season 1 or those intimate “Hug Mo ‘Ko” exchanges on Teen Edition 4, and of course those fiery catfights and forced evictions due to drunkenness and death threats!

5) Kilig team-ups
It surely has been an entertainment staple of old, and surely this has been a come-on to watch the show ever since—how two housemates start to bond, really get close, and seemingly go to the next level with a kilig romance on the show, even if it was never fulfilled when they exited the house. From Say and JB, Bianca and Zanjoe to Kimerald and ToMiho, and one team-up that eventually reached the altar, Melason, we are enamored and captivated with a blooming love right before our eyes.

6) Unraveling the best and the worst in people
The show indeed tests the mettle of the housemates, from the battle of smarts and managing stress in fulfilling tasks, to actually dealing with that secluded life cut-off from the outside world. Some managed to thrive and deliver, while others wilted under the pressure and even tried to escape the house. Some were praised and adored for their actions in the house, while others were criticized and bashed for their rarely seen despicable traits, such as lewd behavior and drunkenness. We experience real triumphs and failures of people that surely teach us a lesson or two about life.

7) Everyone is empowered to make a choice
And with all that information we gather about housemates, we are empowered to actually make a choice. We decide who gets evicted and who stays based upon what we observe and construe about how housemates deal with all the challenges they face. And this leads to the choice of the Big Winner for each season—someone who really stood out, overcame all odds, and became that exemplar, that inspiration we all look up to and believed in.