#PBBKiligThrowback: To All the Love sa Bahay ni Kuya

The iconic blue-and-yellow house is set to open its doors once again! After relentless requests from the program’s avid viewers and fans, our favorite Big Brother has decided to open his house again to welcome new housemates that will surely make our nights extra exciting.

It’s a known fact that Pinoy Big Brother has become one of—if not the—most-watched program in Philippine television and has produced many promising Kapamilya stars who are currently sweeping the industry with their talent and engaging personalities. Some of them have become your favorite stars and are idolized by thousands of Filipino fans in and out of the country.

But Pinoy Big Brother isn’t just a reality show that puts together several people from different places to live under one roof. No. It’s more than its premise that makes the show so popular as it is able to showcase real-life situations of family relationships, friendship and most of all…love. Apart from being the omnipresent ‘Big Brother’ of the house, Kuya also played the role of cupid several times on the show, providing us with some of the most kilig moments that sparked the beginning of not only prominent love teams in the showbiz industry but also of real-life romances.

As we prepare for another thrilling season of PBB, let’s take a trip down memory lane on some of Kuya’s best cupid moments.

#KIMERALD first date

Before they became two of today’s most in-demand actors whose tandem brought to life successful primetime drama series’ such as Sana Maulit Muli (2007) and Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin (2017), Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson participated in the first-ever Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition, dubbed as the “Chinese Cutie ng Cebu” and “AmBoy ng GenSan.” Inside Big Brother’s blue-and-yellow home the term ‘KimErald’ was born as viewers watched their friendship bloom into a budding romance that captured the hearts of fans everywhere.

In fact, not many know Kim and Gerald had their first date—carnival style, courtesy of Big Brother.

#MELASON kulitan

For some it’s a case of love at first sight, but for power couple Melissa “Melai” Cantiveros and Jason Francisco, it was more like love at first laugh! The former housemates of PBB: Double Up (2009) has sparked a romance on the show and was dubbed by their fans as ‘MelaSon.’ The two are often seen joking around and being playful with each other which happened to be the starting point of their love story.

After winning 1st and 3rd place respectively, Melai and Jason left the house as ‘one heart’ and even starred in their own reality series, Melason in Love (2010), which features some behind-the-scenes footage of the couple after their PBB Big Night, as well as guesting’s on several Kapamilya programs.

Currently, the funny couple are happily married with two beautiful children; living proof that PBB goes beyond the grand win’s Happily Ever After.’

#MAYQUEN dream date

Have you ever thought about going on a date with your ultimate crush? Well, Maymay Entrata received the chance of a lifetime when Big Brother gave her heart’s greatest desire: a date with Enrique Gil.

In Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 (2017), Maymay got the surprise of her life when Enrique came into the house to have dinner with her. The former housemate was overjoyed; bolting from her seat to run into Enrique’s arms. Maymay could hardly contain her smile and intense feels; tripping over her words and catching her breath as she spoke to the star with wide eyes, unbelieving that Enrique is right in front of her in the flesh.

After becoming the season’s grand winner in 2017, Maymay is now a well-known actress and singer, sweeping the industry along with her on-screen partner and former housemate Edward Barber. Although ‘MayWard’ has been giving us serious kilig feels, Maymay’s fans will never forget how she became the ultimate #fangoals upon scoring a date with her celebrity crush back at the Pinoy Big Brother house.