‘Pinoy Big Brother’ Journey: Cora Wadell

After becoming the 4th Lucky House and making it to the Dream Team of “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7”, Cora Wadell, the “Dazzling Daughter ng Bulacan”, is now one of Kuya’s Lucky 7 housemates and she will have the chance to become this season’s Ultimate Big Winner. Throughout the months, she proved that she may be far from perfect, but she’s willing to change for the better so she can be worthy to be called the Big Winner. Today, let us look back at some of the highlights of her “Pinoy Big Brother” journey.

Cora, 26 years old, entered the “Pinoy Big Brother” house last October 29, 2016 with the other regular housemates. She is a half-Filipino and half-American fashion model and video blogger. She grew up with her Filipino mother and American father in Florida for 12 years before she moved to Bulacan 7 years ago. Because of financial problems, she was forced to quit college and she moved to the Philippines to pursue modeling.

While doing a task inside the house, Cora opened up to Kuya about growing up as a control freak. She shared that she also joined “Pinoy Big Brother” because she wanted to change for the better and learn how to let loose. She then became emotional when she opened up how this behavior affected her past relationship and why it still ended.





Because of her fierce and straightforward personality, Cora had several clashes inside the house. She had confrontations with her other housemates like Thuy Nguyen, Luis Hontiveros, Jerome Alacre and Baninay Bautista. However, through these minor misunderstandings, Cora proved that she’s really open to learn and change for the better.




Throughout the months, Cora proved that she may have a very strong personality but she also has a very soft side, especially when it comes to her family. She shared that she’s working hard and doing everything in order to help her family. She was very emotional when she was reunited with her mother inside the house after not seeing her for a very long time.

Cora and Baninay faced off in a head-to-head challenge. They had to fill a glass with water and pour it in a container at the end of a short obstacle course. They had to repeat the process within an allotted time. The one who poured the most water will get the finals spot. After having a one-centimeter lead over Baninay, Cora won the challenge and she was declared as the 4th Lucky House.

Will Cora be this season’s Ultimate Big Winner?

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