Celebrity housemates flew to Vietnam Big Brother’s house in PBB Lucky Season 7 premiere episode

The first leg of Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 officially premiered on Philippine primetime television on Monday night, July 11. It featured the first batch of housemates which is composed of 8 celebrities plus program host Robi Domingo.

The first episode kicked off by introducing each celebrity housemate namely Juan Karlos “JK” Labajo, Yassi Pressman, Jinri Park, 2-in-1 housemates McCoy de Leon and Nikko Natividad, DJ Chacha, Elisse Joson, Nonong Ballinan and Hideo Muraoka.

Without them knowing, they were taken to the airport and flew to the house of Big Brother in Vietnam. However, JK and Jinri were temporarily held at the airport as they lacked some documents.

Aside from Robi, first to enter the house were McCoy and Nikko, followed by Yassi. Robi, who covered his face with a conical hat, then escorted DJ Chacha, Elisse and Nonong one by one only to find out that he got locked in inside.

Later, Vietnamese Big Brother welcomed the housemates by serving them Vietnamese meals.

While they were eating and before the premiere episode ended, three housemates from Vietnam were introduced and joined the celebrity housemates inside the house.

Considering that Vietnamese Big Brother talks to the housemates in his language, not to mention the housemates from Vietnam, will the Filipino housemates be able to understand and fulfill their tasks well?

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