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Pinoy Big Brother List: 9 most memorable house guests inside Bahay Ni Kuya

It’s not that we are overemphasizing it, but indeed real stuff happens at the Pinoy Big Brother house, especially those unexpected moments. Each day is filled with surprises that can change how things are inside the house. Among those is the arrival of the celebrity house guests!

As we get close to the start of the famed reality show’s ninth season, PBB Connect, let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable house guests who visited the famous Bahay Ni Kuya.

Mariel Rodriguez

Since 2005 when PBB had its very first season, Mariel Rodriguez had been one of its original main hosts. But little did she know that after years and years of hosting for PBB, she would get to be one of the housemates! On PBB Celebrity Edition 2 in 2007, Mariel was the edition’s UpLate host in the beginning of the season. Then, she also hosted Über for 7 days with former housemate and PBB Celebrity Edition 1’s third placer Bianca Gonzalez. After that, she became the house's first and longest-staying houseguest.

Enchong Dee

In 2015 on PBB 737, Enchong Dee did not only become one of the PBB hosts, but he also experienced being one of the housemates. It was revealed in the launch night that 737 meant that 7 teen housemates will be staying in the house for 7 weeks, and 3 celebrity houseguests will also be inside the house. Enchong became one of those 3 celebrity houseguests along with Queen Mother Karla Estrada and Mariel Rodriguez. While inside the house, Enchong inspired the teen housemates in striving to reach their dreams.

Alex Gonzaga

On PBB All In, Alex Gonzaga became one of the most notable among the many other houseguests inside Kuya’s house. She was first introduced as a housemate, but later revealed to be only one of the season’s houseguests by Big Brother. Alex became one of the longest tenured houseguests, second to Mariel Rodriguez as of this writing.

Toni Gonzaga

Along with Mariel Rodriguez, Toni Gonzaga is also one of PBB’s original hosts. And like Mariel, she personally experienced being inside Big Brother’s house aside from merely presenting it to the public. She became a houseguest in PBB Celebrity Edition 2 after Mariel. Although she did not stay too long inside the house, Toni successfully performed her special tasks that Big Brother gave her. Bianca Gonzales took over her hosting duties for the primetime edition of the show.

Sandara Park

Known as the “Pambansang Krung-Krung”, Sandara Park rose to fame when she became part of the reality-based talent contest Star Circle Quest. She had a successful career in acting and singing since then and in 2006 on PBB Celebrity Edition 1, she became one of the houseguests in Big Brother’s house. She went in with the second big placer of the very first season of PBB, Jayson Gainza. After that, Sandara returned to South Korea in 2007 and became internationally famous with her group 2NE1.

Angel Locsin

Iba ‘Yan host Angel Locsin also became a housemate as the fourth houseguest of PBB Celebrity Edition 2. Although her stay inside the house for the said season was just quick, she fulfilled her task in being an “Angel of Love” to grand winner Ruben Gonzaga. She helped him with his marriage proposal to his wife.

Jerome Ponce

Before he became part of the lead cast on the 2017 teleserye The Good Son, Jerome Ponce was a houseguest on PBB Lucky Season 7. Hashtag McCoy De Leon, a fellow The Good Son main cast member who also became one of the housemates, guided him when he entered Big Brother’s house. In case you did not know, being a housemate was a dream come true for Jerome. He tried to enter the house twice but didn’t make it.

Karla Estrada

Magandang Buhay momshie Karla Estrada surprisingly entered the Kuya’s house in 2015’s PBB 737. Not surprisingly however, Karla stood as a mother to the teen housemates. She taught them some of the basics when it comes to cleaning the house, disciplined them and advised them in their love life. She gave the housemates some essential life lessons in the few days of her stay.

Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz

Just like their characters Marga and Cassie in the hit teleserye Kadenang Ginto, Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz seemed to bring their animosity inside the house with the PBB Otso teen housemates witnessing their squabble in 2019. Even the presence of their amiable partners in the Gold Squad Seth Fedelin and Kyle Echarri apparently did not cool things off for a bit. But the supposed argument was all fake and was just to distract housemates from a task of the Gold Squad, who posed as official housemates, collecting housemates’ golden medals for charity.

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