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Pinoy Big Brother List: 9 Most Kilig Moments Inside The House Over The Years

Pinoy Big Brother has allowed us to see how various people from different walks of life and parts of the world would get along under one roof for weeks or months. It also inspired us with the anecdotes and amused us with the shenanigans of the housemates, and thrilled us with its daily and weekly challenges, But, more than those, the hit reality show has also brought kilig vibes to its avid viewers through the romantic affairs formed inside the house in the past 15 years.

Thus, as we look forward to the program’s highly anticipated ninth season, PBB Connect, let’s take a look back at nine of the most unforgettable kilig moments that truly brought ecstatic shock to us over the years!

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson

Before they catapulted into becoming one of the phenomenal loveteams in the country, fervent followers of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson know that their team-up, fondly dubbed “KimErald”, started during their Teen Edition 1 days.

It can be recalled that the “Chinese Cutie ng Cebu” used to be torn between the admiration of Gerald and her eventual runner-up Mikee Lee, to the point that they got engaged in a Teen Debate to find out who’s closer to her heart. In the end, it was the “Amboy Hottie ng General Santos City” who won and had the chance to take Kim in a simple “carnival date” inside the house.

Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco

Many couples out there could surely relate to the amusing love story of Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco, whose bond got developed through their incessant kulitan and biruan during their PBB Double Up days.

Who would forget that moment when he asked Kuya’s help in wooing her and proudly conveyed his love for her in front of their housemates and on national television, which made Melai feel awkward and kilig at the same time? Well, Jason succeeded in his pursuit as she also expressed her desire to be his girlfriend as well.

And now, they’ve been happily married for seven years and loving parents to two adorable daughters.

Bianca Gonzalez and Zanjoe Marudo

Before becoming one of Kuya’s Angels, Bianca used to be part of the first celebrity edition of PBB, wherein she got linked with her then-fellow housemate Zanjoe Marudo. Their bond may have received mixed reactions from the viewers since she had a boyfriend then in the outside world, but those controversies failed to ruin the blooming relationship they had inside the house. In fact, both of them made it to the Big 4, with Bianca finishing as the third Big Placer while Zanjoe as the fourth Big Placer.

Joshua Garcia and Loisa Andalio

Both of them may have fallen short in their bid to the Big 4, but Joshua Garcia and Loisa Andalio succeeded in winning our hearts as the special friendship between them garnered throngs of fans. From simply talking and spending most of their time inside the house with each other up to helping one another in their tasks, they truly made the viewers thrilled. Thus, the LoiShua tandem was born.

Their team-up went on to become a success beyond their PBB All-In stint as they appeared in several projects together when they returned to the outside world, until they got paired with their other contemporaries.

Bailey May and Ylona Garcia

They may be born and raised from different sides of the world, but destiny still had its way of intertwining the paths of Bailey May and Ylona Garcia – through PBB 737. Aside from their undeniable good looks and charming personalities, their supporters also noticed their unmistakable chemistry, especially every time they sing together.

Bound by their passion for music and innate kakulitan, they immediately clicked and became close friends. But as their friendship deepened, they began to get infatuated with each other and oftentimes did random things to make the other one jealous. Both of them successfully broke into the Big 4 – with Ylona being hailed as the Second Big Placer while Baily as the Fourth Big Placer.

They went on to become popular in the local entertainment scene as a pair and as individual artists – Bailey has been soaring as a member of the global pop group Now United, while Ylona juggles being a recording artist here in the Philippines and as a fast-food chain crew in Australia.

Tommy Esguerra and Miho Nishida

They may have language barriers and cultural differences, but those didn’t serve as hindrances for love to bloom between Miho Nishida and Tommy Esguerra, whose epic first-ever meeting truly left us laughing and kilig.

Although they didn’t understand each other most of the time, they let their actions spoke for them, especially the Filipino-American hunk model who never failed to make our hearts flutter with his swooning façade and sweet gestures towards the single mom from Japan.

It may not be a happily ever after for the two PBB All In housemates, but we could say that their relationship had been filled with great memories!

McCoy De Leon and Elisse Joson

Before they catapulted into becoming one of the most popular on-and-off-screen pairs in the local entertainment scene, McCoy De Leon and Elisse Joson initially won our hearts as housemates of PBB Lucky Season 7.

Just on their first week, they immediately made us kilig when the then-Hashtags member willingly lent his hairbrush to Elisse after she forgot to bring her own. That moment brought them closer to each other, which ensued to the birth of the McLisse love team.

They may not have achieved the coveted Big Winner title, as the “The Hugot Babe of Mandaluyong City” got evicted in the middle of the contention while McCoy and his 2-in-1 partner Nikko Natividad were crowned the Sixth Big Placer, but their relationship continued to prosper in the outside world.

Edward Barber and Maymay Entrata

Of course, who would not know the journey of the phenomenal tandem MayWard? They may have come from different walks of life and parts of the planet, but joining PBB Lucky Season 7 paved the way for them to meet and get to know each other.

Due to their unmistakable chemistry, it wasn’t surprising that they were able to win the hearts of the viewers and became two of the most well-loved housemates of their edition. Aside from their random kulitan moments, they made us kilig when they gave us a teaser on what to expect from their promising team-up through their “acting challenge” with their fellow housemates and LizQuen.

Gino Roque and Kiara Takahashi

Last, but definitely not the least, was Gino Roque and Kiara Takahashi who never failed to make us kilig with their sweet love story as housemates of PBB Otso.

While there are guys out there who find it hard to confess their feelings to a girl they like, Gino had been vocal about what he feels towards her through his words and gestures despite being only together for quite some time. Besides, he also asked her if he could start courting her while they’re still inside the house.

His efforts and feelings were not put in vain as Kiara also admitted liking him and appreciating everything that he’d done for her.

Whose kilig moment was the most unforgettable for you?