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PBB List: 9 unforgettable “gulat”, “takot” moments inside the house that made us all shookt and LOL!

Aside from challenging the tenacity and endurance of the Pinoy Big Brother housemates by giving them daily and weekly tasks, Kuya also loved to play with them by pulling a prank on them sometimes, especially during Halloween, that definitely made us laugh out loud as we witnessed the priceless and genuine fearful reactions among the housemates.

And now that we’re highly anticipating the return of the reality show for its ninth season, let us revisit those intense and hilarious “gulat” and “takot” moments that left the housemates shookt and the viewers ROFL-ing (or rolling on the floor laughing).

In 2015, group of mythical Filipino creatures – which includes a white lady, a duwende, a kapre, and a tikbalang – invaded the house and made a surprise visit to PBB 737 teen housemates. While the girls remained chill by the sight of their unexpected visitors, the boys freaked out and did everything to escape them – making everyone totally amused!

As Kuya seemingly gave the PBB 737 housemates the task of protecting a funeral wreath, he made it extra challenging by letting a white lady and Frankie (a tall monstrous man) to enter the house and scare the remaining adult and teen housemates until they’re compelled to give it to them. However, it was not only Big Brother who pulled the tricks, because the other unbothered housemates even locked their scaredy fellows up inside the house together with their terrifying guests.

PBB Lucky Season 7 housemates were not yet ready to get out of bed one morning, except for Marco Gallo who was actually the first one to get up. As he went out of the boys’ room, he seemingly felt something unusual or weird because of the Kuya’s wake up call for them. A clown or joker suddenly appeared from behind the sofa that made Marco unconsciously scream because of utter shock and fear! He quickly ran back to the boys’ room, closed the door and startlingly uttered “Holy God!

But unlike him, the other housemates were pretty chill to see their visitor and even laughed at Marco for his funny reaction.

Just in time for Halloween 2017, Kuya played a trick on PBB Lucky Season 7 housemates Kisses Delavin and Yong Muhajil by having them face the zombies that invaded the house while on their way to the confession room. As Yong picked up a stool as his weapon of choice, he ordered Kisses to do so as well after she chose to bring a throw pillow and jacket with her. Yet, they still able to make it to their destination.

However, just when they thought that they’re already safe, Big Brother once again treated them to a scary surprise by asking them to change their batteries inside the storage room, wherein a woman in a Valak-inspired costume was waiting for them. Since none of them dared to go inside, Kuya gave them only 10 seconds to do the freaky task, with Kisses being the braver one to face the guest while Yong just waited by the door.

While it was a calm, sunny day outside, all the lights were off inside the house that further amplified the fear felt by the remaining teen housemates of PBB Lucky Season 7 upon waking up to the strange wakeup call.

As the boys shrugged it off and made fun of it, the girls bravely went outside their room to see what’s going on and to check on their other housemates as well. The spooky sound continued to badger the housemates, thus they made sure to do everything or be in one place together – from getting their supplies to taking a bath!

A self-confessed horror movie scaredy, it was indeed easy and hilarious to pull a prank on PBB Lucky Season 7 alumnus Marco Gallo! Thus, Kuya made fun of him during one of their conversations inside the confession room by suddenly switching off the lights that made him jolt a bit.

However, unbeknownst to him, his housemates conspired to trick him by having Maymay Entrata mimic the iconic ghosts in “The Grudge” and “The Ring” – the same flicks that Marco mentioned to Big Brother that freaked him out the most – that made him jump and scream out of shock and fear.

She may be admired because of the strong personality she exuded, but Kisses is actually afraid of the dark, of being alone, and of strange sounds. Thus, she couldn’t help but shout upon seeing the confession room dark when Kuya summoned her and run as fast as she could upon hearing spooky sounds on her way out.

Besides, when she was left all by herself while her other housemates were busy with their respective tasks, Kisses battled her fears by munching on her favorite chips, running around, screaming, and holding a broom.

Thankfully, her housemates were there to comfort her and ease her distress.

Just when PBB Otso housemate Franki Russell thought that it was going to be an ordinary conversation with Kuya, she shouted all of a sudden upon spotting a large tarantula on the floor. Her housemates heard her loud cry, making them worried and immediately ran towards the confession room – only to find out that it was just a spider.

From making fun of themselves, PBB Otso teen housemates Lie Reposposa and Yen Quirante’s loud laughter instantly turned into nervous screams after Kuya played a trick on them while waiting for their turn to be called to the confession room. As the lights began to flicker and startling sounds spooked them out, the “beshie twin” embraced each other and picked up their weapons that they could use just in case something scary emerged.

Unforgettable memories inside the house are bound to be made again, so don’t miss the arrival of PBB Connect soon!