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PBB List: 9 remarkable, intense confrontations among housemates through the years

We truly admired the tight and cordial bond formed among the housemates from the different editions of Pinoy Big Brother. However, in their pursuit of displaying their authentic selves to everyone and forming strong relationships with one another, it was inevitable for them to not be involved in altercations and have misunderstandings with their fellow housemates – just like any family or barkadahan does.

And now that the reality program is about to open its door soon for the newest batch of housemates for its ninth season, let’s revisit nine of the most intense and unforgettable confrontations inside Bahay Ni Kuya through the years.

Mikki Arceo vs Olyn Membian

On their first week inside the house, the inaugural batch of teen housemates were immediately given a task by Big Brother, which was for them to get to know each other through the guide questions listed in the folders handed to them.

As the Teen Edition 1 housemates flocked inside the girls’ bedroom in order to discuss a few personal things about themselves, a heated argument suddenly erupted between Mikki and Olyn after the former got irked by latter’s snide comment towards her father. Their housemates were able to pacify them and left them afterwards inside the room in order for them to iron out their misunderstanding.

They were able to fix their mix-up, with Mikki heading to the altar in order to reflect and Olyn entertaining herself by trying Kim Chiu’s mind-blowing acrobatic moves.

Bea Saw vs Maricris Dizon

From their simple fun banter about Bea’s alleged admiration towards fellow Season 2 housemate Nel Rapiz, which was recorded by Kuya and turned into a wake-up call that day, a scorching exchange between her and Maricris suddenly sparked.

As Bea asked her to calm down and be in her truest self, Maricris kept on blabbing about what happened among them the day before. Apparently fed up by her behavior, the eventual Big Winner of the season blurted out one of the most iconic lines we’ve ever heard in whole PBB history – “Alam mo ‘yang respeto, hindi ‘yan ini-impose, Maricis. Ine-earn ‘yan. Act your age!”

Pamu Pamorada vs “M6”

In order to further test the pagpapakatotoo or authenticity of the remaining housemates of the Unlimited season, Big Brother sent in “M6” – a group of house players comprised of their former housemates Paco Sta. Maria, Luz McClinton, and Kigoy Abarico, Double Up alumna Rica Paras, Celebrity Edition 2 alumnus Baron Geisler, and ex-Teen Edition Plus housemate Beauty Gonzalez.

For them to successfully accomplish their mission, M6 talked loudly about the remaining housemates in front of them and uttered nasty comments against. As much as they didn’t want to mind the tirades being thrown at them, the Unlimited housemates weren’t able to help themselves from retaliating and speaking up for themselves and their housemates, especially Pamu, who was already annoyed and fuming with everything that the house players were saying about them.

Baninay Bautista vs Cora Waddell

What was supposed to be a fun and uplifting cheer for their weekly task turned out to be the cause of quarrel between PBB Lucky Season 7 housemates Cora Waddell and Baninay Bautista, after the former got offended by the derogatory lyrics intended for her penned by the latter for their group yell.

The two of them had the chance to discuss it in the presence of their fellow housemates Aura Azarcon and Ali Forbes, wherein Cora was able to express her disgust over Baninay and reminded her to “think twice before you speak and respect people that deserve to be respected.”

As Baninay incessantly pursued her Ate Cora and uttered her sincerest apology, they were able to mend their rift in the end.

PBB Unlimited housemates vs Paco Sta. Maria

Without his housemates knowing it, Paco was actually already a house player and part of Kuya’s secret group M6, who was tasked to further unleash the real personalities of the remaining housemates.

As Big Brother ordered the remaining housemates to not open then glass door adjacent to the garden and pool area, Paco kept on bugging them to let him go out as he wanted to smoke. But they refused to give him the key to the padlock, so he resorted on agitating them by insisting what he wanted to do and calling all of them “plastic”.

Unbeknownst to the housemates, the M6 succeeded in their mission because of how they fumingly reacted on Paco’s irritating behavior and offensive outbursts.

Marco Gallo vs Christian Morones

Both brandishing strong personalities, Marco and Christian figured in a heated argument as their issues and exasperation against each other continued to pile up. As the former confronted the latter regarding his problems to him, he enumerated “nagmamarunong, bastos, akala mo kung sino, alam niya ang lahat, hindi siya nagkakamali” and recalled the instances when he offended him.

Marco, in return, tried to defend himself by explaining his actions and behaviors, but instead of fixing their fight, his statements actually added fuel to the fire which made it impossible for reconciliation to transpire at that moment – even with the help of their Lucky Season 7 housemates.

Dawn Chang vs Tommy Esguerra

Pressured by the grueling and excruciating weekly task given by Kuya, leader Dawn displayed her domineering facet as she kept on reminding her housemates over and over again regarding their need to continuously move for them to completely succeed.

While the other PBB 737 housemates were fine with how she led them, Tommy and Richard Juan seemed to have lost their cool with how bossy she had become as seen in their facial expressions.

Mark Obera vs Apey Obera

As Apey declined her Kuya Mark’s offer to assist her in their task, the latter was not able to contain his pent-up feelings towards her behavior and confronted her. He pleaded her to be at least professional and set aside all her ill feelings towards him in order for both of them to succeed.

However, despiteMark’s persistence and enlightenments, Apey still gave him a cold shoulder and insisted that she wanted to do the task and achieve her goal inside the house all by herself.

Apey Obera vs Yamyam Gucong

As it pained her to see Yamyam taking things too lightly or showing their fellow Otso housemates how ignorant he was of some stuff that were new to him inside the house, Apey confronted him. This ensued to a little argument between them while they were preparing food for their Otso housemates, but they’re able to mend it immediately.

Are we going to see scorching confrontations among the PBB Connect housemates? Let’s all find out by not missing an episode of it once it began this coming December 6!