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PBB List: 9 most heartwarming, tear-jerking reunions inside Bahay ni Kuya through the years

Pinoy Big Brother Connect – the ninth season of most successful reality show in local television – is finally set to introduce the newest set of official housemates on December 6!

And while excitement surely shrouds both the housemates and spectators, we can’t also discount the sadness and homesickness the housemates would feel as they have to live away from their respective families, friends, and other loved ones for quite sometime in order to make their PBB and showbiz dreams come true.

While we’re all waiting for its highly anticipated return, let’s revisit nine of the most tear-jerking reunions of the previous housemates with their loved ones inside Bahay Ni Kuya in this PBB List feature!

Big surprise for Rita

After each of the Lucky Season 7 housemates showed to everyone how their houses looked like, Rita Gaviola couldn’t help but miss her family, especially her siblings. She became emotional when she shared it with Big Brother, who eventually gave the boy teen housemates a special task that concerned Rita.

The boys succeeded in building a replica of Badjao Girl’s house, which made her emotional again. Little did she knew that the surprise for her doesn’t end there because Kuya also let her see her family once again.

Kisses’ sweet moment with her dad

Still from the Lucky Season 7, the teen housemates were tasked to build a salon which they called the “Pak Salern.” In order to win in that task, they needed to earn and collect Php 20,000 from their customers from the outside world. And because they didn’t see who their customers were, Kisses didn’t have any idea that one of her customers was her beloved father. Making this encounter extra touching was when she imparted how blessed she was to have a very loving father during their conversation.

Yong’s convo with his Ate Mona

Yong from Lucky Season 7 was very happy and emotional when given the chance to see his older sister Mona once again. Before they meeting, he was informed of Mona’s situation then that made him worried about his mother. However, when the siblings finally had the chance to talk again personally, his Ate Mona assured him that she already got married and that their family members had reconciled, too!

The tear-jerking reunion of Tommy with his family

Housemates of the PBB 737 edition were also given the chance to reunite with their families. However, Tommy just received gifts and a call from his mom saying that they couldn’t make it to see him, which made him a bit sad. Just when he thought that he wouldn’t be able to see them, he was so shocked to see his mom, dad, and his sister as soon as he went out of the confession room. He immediately hugged them and that’s when he got more emotional.

Bailey’s bonding with his fam inside the house

Also from 737, Bailey was very happy to see his family again – his dad, mom, and baby sister. He told Big Brother how he missed them every day, thus seeing them just left him speechless and overwhelmed. His family told him that they’re very proud of him and that they love him very much. You can also see how close Bailey is to his younger sister as they bonded during the time given to them.

Ylona and family’s fun reunion

Before 737 teen housemate Ylona got to see her family, she received a gift from them which was a fairy costume. This made her miss them so much and got her emotional because this reminded her of how their family would wear costumes during Halloween.

Unbeknownst to her, they were actually already inside the confession room and was talking to Kuya about their fondest memories and favorite bonding moment with her – going to church together and dining out or watching a movie after. When Ylona saw her family, she was so shocked that she even surprisingly ran away from them.

Jimboy’s reunion with his father

Jimboy got very emotional when he saw his dad with the tricycle that was given to them. His dad told him that he’s very much missed by the whole family. The 737 teen housemate and eventual Big Winner tearfully told his father that they finally have a service and reminded him that he should just always think positive.

Apey and Mark’s unexpected reunion

It was only through their participation in PBB Otso season that housemates and estranged siblings Apey and Mark got the chance to know that they’re actually kin. As Mark told her about it, he apologized to his younger sister for leaving her to their grandmother in the past 14 years. They both got emotional as they hugged each other. Apey, in return, told him that her mother came back when she was 13 years old, but they had misunderstandings that compelled Apey to stow away and live on her own.

Marie’s heart-rending meeting with long-lost mom

PBB Otso Star Hunter Marie Carmen Songalia turned emotional upon meeting her long-lost biological mother, Eunice Vergara. Before finally seeing her mother, Marie confessed how she longed to know who her real mother was, so the housemates helped Big Brother to find her. And their much-awaiting first-ever meeting finally transpired, which rended the hearts not their hearts, but of the viewers as well.

Are we going to see tear-jerking and heartwarming encounters in the forthcoming PBB Connect? Well, that’s for us to find out so you better not miss an episode once it commenced on December 6!