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PBB List: 9 memorable songs composed by housemates inside Bahay Ni Kuya

Apart from showing their true selves, imparting the inspiring and amusing stories of their respective lives, and delighting us with their camaraderie (or appalling us with their nasty shenanigans and heated arguments sometimes!) Pinoy Big Brother housemates were also able to develop and showcase their talents while inside the house via the tasks given to them by Kuya.

As we look forward on the commencement of its highly anticipated ninth season soon, let’s lend our ears to nine of the most unforgettable songs that truly deserve a spot on the OPM scene as they made us bop with the upbeat tune and tugged our heartstrings with its relatable and powerful lyrics.

“Magmahal Muli”

Of course, who would forget this love song that staggeringly dominated the airwaves during that time and continues to make us fall in love with its sweet lyrics and melody?

Originally recorded by regular Season 1 housemates Say Alonzo and Sam Milby, this love song was beautifully written by the latter in English and was translated to Tagalog by his housemates. By the time it was released, it skyrocketed to the top of the music streaming and radio station charts catapulting it as one of the most popular songs ever created by the reality program.

As we’ve mentioned, it continues to be relevant up to now, with 737 teen housemates Bailey May and Ylona Garcia being tapped to cover and put a modern twist on it.

“If I Ever See You Again”

From singing the remarkable PBB anthem “Pinoy Ako” as the former frontman of pop rock band Orange and Lemons, Mcoy Fundales became a housemate during the second season of the Celebrity Edition. As a part of their Celebrity Concert for a Cause they organized a few weeks after their entrance, he shared his songwriting and singing flair through this ballad.

“Chill (Sa Aking Duyan)”

Listening to this would probably make you want to unwind instantly, just how former Celebrity Edition 1 housemate Zanjoe Marudo came up with this song while relaxing at his favorite spot in the house – the huge cradle situated at the garden.

“Everybody Help Somebody”

Undeniably one of the most unforgettable batches, the Teen Clash of 2010 astounded the audiences not only with their delightful rapport despite coming from different parts of the world, but also with their awesome musical talent which they showcased during the “The Big Goal Concert”. It was staged for the benefit of the Philippine Soccer Team, who was then off to represent the country to the Homeless World Cup 2010. They composed this song to encourage everyone to help.


This upbeat track might make you feel hungry upon hearing the title, but this is actually a love song the All-In housemates used as the official soundtrack of the short film they produced titled “Hmm Pak True Lab”, together with their celebrity house guest Alex Gonzaga.

It was performed live by Vickie Rushton, Daniel Matsunaga, and Fifth Solomon during their “The Big Concert” led by teen housemates Maris Racal and Manolo Pedrosa.

“Now We’re Together”

The 737 is arguably the most prolific group when it comes to songwriting while inside the house, with the BaiLona (Bailey May and Ylona Garcia) tandem spearheading the feat.

A pop tune that describes how it feels to be with the person you truly love, the “Global Gwapito ng UK” first performed this before his fellow teen housemates and celebrity house guest Enchong Dee as a way of celebrating his birthday.

“Win the Fight”

Ylona proved everyone that she could be the next pop superstar through this empowering collaboration with fellow 737 teen housemates Kyle Secades and Jimboy Martin, with Kenzo Gutierrez and Franco Rodriguez providing the music.

It also turned out to become a hit in the local airwaves since it was officially released by Star Music and got included in her debut album “My Name Is Ylona Garcia. “Win The Fight” also earned her the Awit Award for Best Performance by a New Female Recording Artist in 2017.

“Baliw na Baliw”

All of us are probably got enamored with the endearing team-up of Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber that started inside the house. Intensifying our kilig towards them was when they wrote and recorded “Baiw na Baliw”, a composition that seem to sum up how they’ve been feeling for one other.

It was officially released by Star Music as a single in 2016, succeeded by MayWard’s grand album launch a year after.

“Ako’t Ikaw”

As a Christmas treat to the viewers in 2018, Kuya divided the first batch of Otso teen housemates into two groups led by Lie Reposposa and Jelay Pilones for their weekly task dubbed “PBB Big Otso Concert”.

Apart from making us groove to their dance prods and sing along to their song numbers, Team Lie – comprised by Missy Quiño, Reign Parani, Seth Fedelin, Kaori Oinuma, Achilles Samain, Gian Wang, and Gabby Sarmiento – also amused us with their performance of Seth’s original composition “Ako’t Ikaw”.

Lie and Reign indeed impressed everyone, including the panel of judges composed of Kyla, Darren Espanto, Maris Racal, and Jimboy Martin, with their vocal prowess in singing this song that talks about confessing one’s feelings to the person he/she loves.

Which among the songs composed inside the PBB house struck you with extreme LSS (Last Song Syndrome)?