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Kapamilya Toplist: 9 times housemates confronted each other on issues and conflicts in PBB Connect

Aside from the perseverance and determination that each housemate puts into during their stay inside Bahay Ni Kuya, the audience also got to witness how they interacted and socialized. That’s when viewers saw some inevitable circumstances that led to arguments, personal clashes, and misunderstandings. On the road leading to the Pinoy Big Brother Connect Big Night, let’s take a look back at how housemates confronted each other in tackling these issues and conflicts in this Kapamilya Toplist.

Aizyl confronts Russu on doing tasks on his own

Aizyl Tandugon told Russu Laurente that while she actually admired how smart he is in completing tasks, he seemed to only want to do them on his own. She added that Russu won’t listen to her even when she wanted to help. Russu explained that this was due to the pressure Big Brother gives them when they work on those tasks. He shared that even before, people have already been observing him as arrogant, which he admitted will always be one of his weaknesses.

Reminders about shower call and food

The housemates set an agreement that they should be mindful of the time they spend in the comfort room since they all use it. After that, Justin Dizon opened up on the issue about how much milk they consume, which should not be more than two liters. Justin also reminded them to consider if other housemates have already gotten their food before taking another serving during meals and urged them to observe cleanliness at all times.

Aizyl, Ella bare issues about each other

Before confronting Ella Cayabyab, Aizyl first made it clear to her that she’s not mad, and that she’s just offended by how she acted towards her. Aizyl said that she actually appreciates Ella’s concern for her every time she uses Alyssa Exala’s things. But Aizyl also said that she noticed that Ella singles her out in many instances. Little did Aizyl know, however, that she once offended Ella, who recalled Aizyl telling her “Kukuha ako ah, baka mamaya may sabihin ka na naman,” which Ella found very sarcastic.

Alyssa and Ella cite Aizyl’s “attitude”

In a conversation with Ella and Jie-ann Armero, Alyssa shared that Aizyl was implying that the housemates who used the stove the night before were irresponsible because they weren’t able to clean it well. An irked Alyssa further said that Aizyl was acting like she wasn’t also there that night and seemed to be passing on the blame. Ella also said that although she finds Aizyl nice, she’s just really bothered by her attitude sometimes.

Justin confronts Liofer

Justin said that after they shared their stories about their fathers, he noticed that Liofer Pinatacan and his group including Russu, Chico Alicaya and Kobie Brown were “making fun” of those tales. He got peeved and confronted Liofer. However, Liofer and his group told him that they were actually just exaggerating when they “cried” hearing those stories. Chico added he would call Liofer out if he said something really offensive.

Justin leter apologized to Liofer for what said and how he acted. Liofer, for his part, told Justin that he understood him, thinking that he may have just misinterpreted their actions.

Russu admits to Alyssa about social media posts on the ABS-CBN shutdown

Russu confessed to Alyssa that he actually made disparaging social media posts supporting the denial of ABS-CBN’s broadcasting franchise. He said that he actually planned to reveal it publicly sooner but he just didn’t have the courage to do it. He told her he felt guilty when he saw the sentiments of artists, producers, and followers of ABS-CBN.

Girls share their sentiments about Ella

Alyssa said she lost her trust in Ella, who she claimed doing insignificant things yet wanting everyone to know about it. Amanda Zamora added that Ella always seemed clueless when a fellow housemate felt uncomfortable with her already. Haira Palaguitto also expressed her dismay that Ella would be nice in front of her, but would turn vicious at her back.  

Chico tells Alyssa he hates “drama”

In sorting out a conflict, Chico revealed to Alyssa the reason why people find it hard to connect with him. This is because he said he hates “drama,” ignores what people say about him and loathes how people would just suddenly come into his life and think they would know everything about him. Alyssa told him she was not expecting an apology but would like to know what he was thinking so she could understand him better. Alyssa would later tell Kuya how she came to realization that building friendships wasn’t easy and that she should put much effort into it.

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