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Kapamilya Toplist: 9 most heartwarming reunions of housemates and their families on PBB Connect

Pinoy Big Brother Connect, the ninth season of the famed long-running reality show, is almost coming to an end. The competition is down to its last week and fans are eagerly anticipating who will make the Big 4 for this season.

But as they spent those grueling months inside Bahay Ni Kuya giving their utmost best in their bid to become the Ultimate Big Winner, these housemates have definitely longed for their families. This is the reason why Big Brother made it a point to motivate and lift the spirits of the housemates by allotting a few precious moments reuniting with their families inside the PBB house. We can say those virtual meet-ups, which left them shocked and in tears, were truly priceless.

Here are nine of the most memorable, heartwarming reunions of the PBB Connect housemates with their families.

Chico and his dad

Chico Alicaya talked to his dad through a surprise video call that made him emotional. The “Striving Footballer Ng Cebu” said his journey inside Big Brother’s house has been difficult and expressed how much he misses his father and the rest of their family, with his dad telling him that he longs for him as well. Chico thoughtfully reminded his father to not get too stressed at work. Chico added that every time he thinks of giving up, he always remembers what his dad has always told him - that everything happens for a reason and that God has his plans.

Kobie and his dad

Kobie Brown admitted that he had resentment towards his dad because he felt like his father wasn’t very supportive of him. But through this video message by his father for him, the “Charming Striker Ng Paranaque” was assured that his dad only loves him and wants what’s best for him. His father told him that the reason why he became upset was because he hasn’t seen him for more than a year.

Christmas greetings from Chico’s family and Alyssa’s dad

The housemates, especially Chico, were surprised when they saw Chico’s family appear on the television screen. His family greeted him a Merry Christmas and told him to take care of himself. After speaking with his family, Chico told Big Brother that he’s very happy for his parents because he knew they would be celebrating Christmas together.

Afterwards, Alyssa Exala watched the video message of her father, who said that they are all very proud of her and that they hope she stays inside the PBB house as long as she could. Alyssa also became emotional and happy while watching the video message.

Justin and his dad

Justin Dizon’s father told him that he knows he’s worrying about telling his true identity. But his dad assured him that they accept him and support him all the way. Although he’s known as someone who has a strong personality, he became misty eyed after receiving a very important message from his dad. The “Courageous Cabalen Ng Pampanga” told Big Brother that he felt happy, thankful, and relieved after getting the support from his dad and from his whole family.

Mika and her daughter

Mika Pajares couldn’t believe it when she heard the voice of her baby daughter through an audio message. After hearing it, Mika said she felt more motivated to do her best. The “Single Momshie-Kap Ng Bataan” was really happy because she felt like her daughter was giving her full support. Mika added that she hopes one day her daughter would be proud of her.

Aizyl and her brother

Upon hearing the voice of her brother, Aizyl Tandugon already became emotional. Her brother told her that he already misses her and told the “Miss Malakas Ng Misamis Oriental” to fight and to always stay true to herself and to everyone.

Ella and her siblings

Ella Cayabyab was also brought to tears when she saw her two sisters and her brother who asked her how she’s been doing inside Kuya’s house. You could see in Ella’s eyes how she misses her siblings. The “Ra-kweentera Ng Quezon” even reminded them to study hard and told them that everything that she does is for them.

Andrea and her mom

Andrea Abaya was able to see her mom and even hugged her on her birthday. The “Cheerdance Sweetheart Ng Paranaque” got very emotional while talking to her mom who told her to always take care of herself. Her mom also told Andrea that she doesn’t have anything to prove to them because she’s more than enough. Her mom also added that she shouldn’t pressure herself and that she just enjoy her stay inside the PBB house.

Alyssa and her friend

Alyssa Exala was so happy to be able to talk to her close friend again after a very long time. “You have to show the world how good your heart is and I want you to show the world your true self,” Alyssa’s friend told her, also saying that she’s very proud of her that she will always fight for her. She also said that she wants the “Alluring Accountant Ng Australia” to fight until the end.

Quincy and her mom

Quincy Villanueva was surprised to see her cute dog at the start of the video call and even got more excited and sentimental when she saw her mom. “We’re so proud of you. Just always be yourself and always pray,” Quincy’s mom told her. The “Brainy Balikbayan Ng Laguna” admitted that it was the only time she got really teary-eyed because she was away from her family.

Ralph and his mom

PBB fans know that Ralph Malibunas works hard and does his best inside the PBB house for his mom whom he treasures and loves very much. His mom hasn’t even started talking yet but Ralph already became choked up. Ralph’s mom told him that she is very very proud of him. Ralph also took this opportunity to thank his mom for letting him audition for PBB. The “Na-Nice Boy Nanny Ng France” added that everything he does, he does for her.