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Kapamilya Toplist: 9 memorable tasks that challenged housemates’ strength in PBB Connect

We all know that Pinoy Big Brother Connect always has a new and unique challenge every episode, but there are some that we can’t shake off our memories because of how it really tested our favorite housemates.

In this Kapamilya Toplist leading to The Big Night, let’s look back at the nine most memorable challenges our PBB Connect housemates took on.

From time to time, we may see our housemates shed tears because of missing their families or sharing their troubles, but in one episode we actually watched them do it on cue. In exchange for the props they would need, Kuya tasked them to fill up a small container with their tears. Yup, they had to collect every single drop they could muster. Many housemates recalled some touching or sad memories to trigger a good cry, while others mostly laughed at the ridiculousness of it all and, fortunately, let out some tears of joy.

There was a challenge in particular that made even us, the viewers, cry. As we learned about the insecurities and struggles that Jie-Ann Armero grew up with, the housemates wanted to show her story to others in the hopes of raising awareness about bullying and connecting with those that have the same experiences. The Kwelang Fangirl of Sarangani initially had a hard time showing us a different side of her but with the help of Alyssa Exala and Andrea Abaya, Jie-Ann was able to let down her walls despite the sensitive topic. At the end of it all, the young housemates were able to produce a very meaningful digital short film together entitled “Ponytail”

Most challenges are relatively simple, but they become something that stick to us because of the willpower and effort we see the housemates put into them. Alyssa’s turn at picking up the balls without using her hands was one of them. The challenge was, of course, tedious because she had to collect numerous small balls with her elbows; however, the pressure of the PBB atmosphere was what really got to her after she went through weeks of falling short in the challenges.

Another PBB project we definitely couldn’t forget was when we got a chance to connect with them and got invited to their online live selling. This whole event had different underlying tasks that piqued our interest including seeing Jie-Ann, Gail Banawis, and Quincy Villanueva boost their leadership skills and stood as the “Boss” of their team’s company. We also watched the other housemates prove themselves as hardworking employees that would do everything to make their products and sales a success.

Tasks can, at times, be hard to bear — one challenge literally was. While cleaning around the house, housemates had to carry around a bed with one member in it. Jie-Ann, who was carried by one team, may be small but her team members still struggled; all she could do was think about how she could make herself lighter and help her friends power through it. Kobie Brown’s team, on the other hand, strategized on a way to hold onto him and rest their arms at the same time. The heaviest burdens can really make you think outside the box.

Physical challenges aren’t the only ones that showed the strength of the PBB housemates. The #PBBhukom episode was a taxing task that took a toll on them mentally and emotionally. Set as a court hearing, housemates had to bare their hearts and confess their biggest mistakes and regrets in life. They also had to face the violations they were guilty of throughout their stay in the PBB house. Regardless, the housemates were able to realize within themselves how they can become better people moving forward.

Kuya’s tasks which enlighten our beloved housemates with different lessons hold a special place in our favorites list, but the super fun and exciting ones are also hard to pass up. Remember that time P-Pop groups BGYO and BINI visited the PBB house? The dance challenges were expected, but the moves we discovered from the housemates were an amusing surprise.

What other PBB Connect challenges are unforgettable for you?