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Unforgettable moments of the admirable, lively Andrea Abaya as a PBB Connect housemate

With her bubbly yet admirable personality, not to mention her irresistible charm and mesmerizing beauty, it’s indeed not impossible to easily be smitten with Pinoy Big Brother Connect housemate Andrea Abaya.

And throughout her journey inside the house, she’s able to prove that she is absolutely more than just a pretty face for she was able to amaze us with how she courageously faced every challenge Kuya gave them in the previous months.

Now that she’s named as one of the Big 4, let us revisit nine of the most unforgettable moments of the “Cheerdance Sweetheart of Parañaque City” via this feature!



Just on the first few days of their stay inside the house, Andrea was already being linked to Kobie Brown. While he already told her that he’s interested in her, it was only after a month when she confessed how she feels towards him. And it happened accidentally during one of her conversations with the girl housemates inside their bedroom.



As she celebrated her 19th birthday inside the house, Big Brother gave her a delightful surprise – a quick visit from her Mommy Liezl. The two weren’t able to hold their tears as they exchanged sweet messages and warm embraces despite of the plastic barrier between them.

And Andrea had her beloved housemates to thank for making this possible, aside from the simple birthday shindig they painstakingly organized for her.



But before the party and surprise became possible, it wasn’t only her housemates who exerted their efforts for those, but the birthday celebrant herself as well! Kuya tasked them to make Andrea complete a checklist of her to-dos for the day – cook breakfast for everyone, sweep and mop the floor, clean the windows, prepare coffee for Jie-Ann, water the plants, do 19 cartwheels, and let her say her favorite expression “pasensya ka na, God bless” 19 times – without her suspecting. And they, of course, succeeded!



Since they were able to accomplish the secret task given to them by Kuya, he gave them the go-signal to prepare a small birthday party for Andrea. Everyone contributed to make it possible – from organizing everything up to distracting her and convincing her to doll up. Because of their teamwork, they were able to pull it off and the celebrator was indeed surprised!



Apart from her bubbly personality, we were also able to witness the ‘palaban’ side of Andrea through the challenges and tasks given to them by Kuya. Because of her fighting spirit and persistence, she’s able to conquer several of it and was even hailed as Head of Household on the ninth week alongside Liofer Pinatacan!



As a part of their weekly task, Andrea was challenged by Kuya to transform into their fellow housemate Chico Alicaya. Donning his favorite oversized shirt and sweatpants he named “Dabid”, along with a wig lent by Kuya, she was able amusingly pull-off her impersonation, much to everyone’s delight – including Chico himself!



After finding out that one of her closest housemates Chico uttered a snide remark against her, she still chose to face it. Big Brother let her hear the soundbite of him commenting how she seemingly got domineering during one of their weekly tasks led by Amanda.

Instead of being resentful, she humbly accepted and vowed to be more careful of her actions, yet she still would not change the way she is.


Even though Kuya tried to discourage her from taking on the “Karapat-dapat Challenge” by reminding her that she lost majority of the previous challenges they did. But she was still determined to do it although she’s uncertain whether she would make it or not. According to her, she rather tries and loses than regret not doing it when she had the chance.



And little Andrea did expect that she would be the one to clinch the first spot on the Big 4 after dominating the first “Karapat-dapat Challenge”! She may be small in size, but she’s able to show everyone how she could be terrible when it comes to fighting for her dreams.

Will Andrea be the Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother Connect? Let’s all find out on the much-awaited Big Night that is going to be held this coming Sunday, March 14! You may catch it on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live and A2Z.