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Pinoy Big Brother List: 9 challenging tasks housemates faced in past PBB seasons

Today’s definitely the day many of us have been waiting for as Pinoy Big Brother once again re-opens its doors to the newest batch of housemates that will make our Kapamilya viewing more exciting. 

We’ve already met the people that will comprise the ninth season, dubbed PBB Connect, after they were introduced on It’s Showtime and TV Patrol in the past week. And while we are waiting for them to finally enter and converge inside the house tonight, (as well as the tasks that will be given to them), let’s take a trip down memory lane first and revisit nine of the most challenging and unforgettable tasks Big Brother has ever given his housemates through the years!



As Kuya seemingly witnessed how some of the All-In housemates had gained weight, he came up with a weekly task related to it. From just a simple task only intended for the “walong pabigat ng pabigat” – comprised by Aina Solano, Alex Gonzaga, Axel Torres, Jacob Benedicto, Jane Oineza, Loisa Andalio, Nichole Barrameda, and Vicki Rushton – Big Brother made it tougher by having the other housemates choose who to support between Loisa and Nichole, who lost the least amount of pounds after working out for a day.

This weekly task created a gap and intense pressure among the housemates, especially between best friends Maris and Loisa after the former chose the latter’s rival over her, since their nomination for that week is at stake. In the end, it was Team Loisa that won.

Just in time for the holiday season, Kuya tasked the PBB Lucky Season 7 housemates to create a floating sled using recyclable materials that he provided, which have to stay afloat on the pool even all of them were in it. Once made, they tried it and were confident that they’re going to succeed since it still floated while most of them were already aboard. However, their sled slowly capsized after they picked up their housemate Jerome Alacre and as they paddled back to the other side of the pool. 

As part of their military task, Kuya brought the remaining Lucky Season 7 teen housemates – Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Kisses Delavin, Vivoree Esclito, Marco Gallo, Yong Muhajil, and Christian Morones – at a beach in Talisay City, Batangas.

Upon their arrival, Kuya immediately gave them a task through their officers from the Philippine Army – to get the supplies that they’re going to need for their mission floating in the middle of the sea. Since it was Marco and Christian who were more adept in swimming, they volunteered to do it as the rest cheered for them and gave them instructions to help them easily finish the task.

In their pursuit of securing a spot in the Big 4 of the Double Up batch, Melai Cantiveros, Paul Jake Castillo, and Tibo Jumalon eagerly took on Big Brother’s “endurance challenge” for the highly coveted “Big Jump to the Big Night. 

For them to win, they had to stand on the square upholstered platforms assigned to them, until only one of them was left standing. As the night went deeper, Kuya made the challenge harder by having them stand on one leg, then having both their arms outstretched sideways. It tested not only their strength, but their fighting spirit and determination as well to achieve their dream of becoming the Big Winner. In the end, it was Melai who snagged the first spot to the Big 4.

The remaining four teen housemates of PBB Lucky Season 7 – composed of Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Kisses Delavin, and Yong Muhajil – definitely had an adrenaline rush after Kuya brought them to Baguio City to accomplish a set of tasks. From the “Treetop Challenge”, in which they had to freefall from a 60 feet high metal structure, up to the “Superman Challenge”, wherein they had to zipline from one point to another, the four teens were able to successfully do and enjoy those at the same time.

As we used to often saw them poking fun at each other or sharing cordial moments together, we’re able to witness the vulnerable sides of PBB Otso housemates Andre Brouillette and Fumiya Sankai as they went head-to-head for their final battle to determine who between them would stay. Since they’re best friends, Andre found it hard to concentrate on his task as he couldn’t help himself from crying, especially when he saw Fumiya having a difficult time and when he was putting the last block that gave him the victory.

PBB Otso Batch 4 housemates had a very tough and challenging week as they got divided into three teams – Team Kiara, Team Gino, and Team Argel – for their Tower Blocks weekly task, in which they had to construct an 8-feet tower out of small wooden blocks. In their pursuit of winning the task, each team robbed several pieces from one another, which truly disappointed Kuya. Thus, he thought them a lesson by reprimanding and punishing them. Team Gino may have won after building the highest tower, but they failed as a whole in the end after the towers of the two other teams only reached 7 feet and few inches.

Kuya once again gave the remaining teen housemates of PBB Lucky Season 7 another challenging and exhausting weekly task – building a domino tower and having to protect it against the attacking ninjas at the same time. While this was already tough, it got extra tougher when the boys – Edward, Yong, and Christian – decided to surrender after Kuya’s ninjas relentlessly toppled their towers down a number of times that forced them to redo it over and over again.

Three hours to their deadline, he told them that he would no longer let the ninjas in, but Maymay, Vivoree, Kisses, and Edward (who decided to revoke his decision and go back to the game) – should go in and stay inside the tower for several minutes while the construction was going on. However, on the final hour, Maymay accidentally knocked down the tower that compelled them to rebuild it.

Notwithstanding, the group still won their seventh weekly task.

Maymay, Edward, Kisses, and Yong once again found themselves fighting against Kuya’s “henchmen” as they, along with the other members of the PBB Lucky Season 7 Dream Team, had to protect their wooden blocks structure floating on the pool from the fierce and playful attackers cladded in wolf costumes. 
Because of their teamwork and tenacity, they’re able to withstand the attack and won their budget task challenge.

What challenges the new batch of housemates are going to face in the forthcoming ninth season? Find out by not missing an episode of PBB Connect beginning on Sunday, December 6!