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Liofer Pinatacan shines as the PBB Connect Big Winner, overcomes odds in remarkable Bahay Ni Kuya journey

People may have looked down on him and his family because they live in poverty, but it’s not the same story when he’s inside the house as Liofer Pinatacan has been fondly revered by his Pinoy Big Brother Connect housemates.

And this brought him to unquestionable glory, being named as the PBB Connect Big Winner on The Big Night on Sunday, March 14, besting other Big 4 contenders Second Big Placer Andrea Abaya, Third Big Placer Kobie Brown, and Fourth Big Placer Jie-Ann Armero.

He may not be the eldest, yet he’s seemingly considered by everyone as their ‘kuya’ because of how thoughtful he is of the needs of other and how he takes good care of them by making sure that they always eat delicious food. However, apart from his incredible rapport with the housemates, he’s also regarded for being so madiskarte and palaban in every task and challenge that Big Brother had given them.

Thus, it isn’t really surprising that he emerged as the Big Winner. Let’s reminisce some of the remarkable moments of the “Dong Diskarte ng Zamboanga del Sur” in this feature!

Just on his first day in the house, Liofer immediately impressed us with his playfulness towards his housemates and his talent in cooking. A culinary arts student in the outside world prior to his PBB stint, he told Kuya that he’s already used to preparing food for other people.

After sharing a few kulitan moments with him on their first weeks inside the house, he unexpectedly got engaged in a misunderstanding with Justin Dizon while they were working on one of their weekly tasks. Liofer accepted his sincere apology and just assumed that Justin just misinterpreted what he said or did.

Just in time for the Christmas season, Liofer expressed his ultimate wish of giving his beloved mom a set of dentures for he had not seen her smile confidently ever since he was still a kid. To help him fulfill it, little did he know that his housemates made a sacrifice by taking on a special task. Thus, he and his mother were very much thankful for the gift of smile they received.

What was supposed to be a fun debate for a special task turned Liofer emotional as the question, “Ano ang mas masakit, ang mawalan ng jowa o ang mawalan ng pera?” hit differently on him. It reminded him of the sacrifices and hardships his mother had to go through in order for her to provide their needs.

At the same time, Jie-Ann wasn’t able to hold back her tears, assuming that she hurt his feelings during their argument. He immediately consoled and assured her that it’s definitely not her fault.

In his way of putting a twist in the nomination process on their 11th week inside the house, Kuya asked each of the remaining housemates to rank themselves according to who they thought deserve to be on the spot. Whoever got the least score would be on top while the two highest scorers would be the nominees of the week.

Much to Liofer’s surprise, he was the one who earned the least score, hailing him as the Top 1 most deserving housemate to become the Big Winner.

Still in disbelief and overwhelmed, Liofer had nothing but gratitude to his housemates who thought that he deserves to be on the Top 1 rank. He didn’t expect that the housemates would appreciate all his efforts in preparing food for them and doing the household chores, as well as all his diskartes in their tasks and challenges.

In spite of the uncertainties and the threat of losing his spot in the Big 4, Liofer still chose to courageously accept the “Karapat-dapat Challenge”. For him, he would rather attempt then lose than regret afterwards that he didn’t do something to pursue his dreams.

Because of his persistence and savviness, may it be in their individual or group tasks or in household chores, the remaining housemates all agreed that he’s the one who was the most deserving to be hailed as PBB Connect’s “Pinaka Madiskarte” and receive the plaque. While he was initially not convinced, Liofer humbly accepted the award in the end.

And on their third “Karapat-dapat Challenge”, Liofer wasn’t able to contain his emotions when he was proclaimed the winner after his opponents then failed to destroy his tower and stop him from waving his flag. Indeed, the genuineness, determination, diligence, and spirited initiative and resourcefulness he exhibited throughout his journey inside the house all paid off!

Congratulations, Liofer!