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Charming and competitive Kobie Brown’s fearless run to the PBB Connect Big 4

Games and challenges are not something new to the half-British, half-Pinoy football striker Kobie Brown, but his entrance to Pinoy Big Brother Connect brought out a different competitive fire within him. 

Introduced as the “The Charming Striker of Parañaque”, we easily felt in love with his dashing looks and athletic energy. However, throughout his stay in PBB, we saw different dimensions to his personality such as his soft-hearted sweetness and inspiring perseverance.

These simple things made us strongly root for Kobie through and through. And our efforts have definitely been worth it because at his latest win, he has claimed the final slot in the Big Four. So how did this 17-year-old dreamer get all the way to the finale? Let’s watch his journey in these 9 remarkable moments inside Bahay Ni Kuya.



It wasn’t difficult for us to get to know Kobie because, right from the start, he’s been a very open person who’s unafraid to show how he feels. When housemates were getting to know each other’s life stories, Kobie shares how his parents got divorced when he was young and that this has caused a chip in his relationship with his father.

During the challenge where they were tasked to talk about their fathers, Kobie could not help but break down in tears because although he loves and idolizes his father, their recent rocky relationship caused by his interest to join PBB hit him deep. It broke Kobie’s heart when his own father did not, in any way, want to support him in achieving his dream to enter the Pinoy reality TV show. As the young teen did not want to let go of the opportunity, he went through with joining against his father’s advice. Though Kobie knew that they still have hopes for reconciliation and added, “I didn’t come here to prove my dad wrong or anything like that… I wanna show him that I’m doing something good — that this is my dream.”



His newfound friends felt Kobie’s genuine love for his father. Chico, one of his closest comrades in the house, took on a sacrifice challenge from Kuya in order to help Kobie see his father.

This touched Kobie as he was able to get a video message from his father, Andrew Brown, which he hasn’t spoken to in a long time. His father let him know that he doesn’t love him any less and he was only looking out for his studies, sports track, and future which is why he reacted selfishly to his PBB dreams. Kobie was grateful to finally see his dad and know they can work things out with him soon.



When Kobie left the confession room, he immediately hugged Chico and thanked him for helping make it happen. His fellow footballer friend even added that if he had the ability to bring Kobie back home to be with his dad, he would do it. 

The friendship of the two grew stronger in Bahay Ni Kuya, but Chico is not the only one that Kobie shares a special bond with among the housemates.



The cheerful Andrea, nicknamed Andi, has been very close with Kobie, so much so that Chico noticed that Kobie may see Andrea as something more than a friend. Kobie confessed to him that he does like her but he doesn’t want to act on anything because he has been talking with a different girl before entering PBB. Chico advised him to be honest with Andrea but Kobie was still contemplating if he should talk to Andrea.

When Kobie finally built up his courage, he let Andrea know of his situation and told her, “I’m not gonna lie, Andi, I’m really interested in you.” Andrea acknowledged his feelings, but ultimately explained that maybe they can stay friends since she doesn’t want to hurt anyone or complicate anything. 



Fortunately, that moment only made them closer and didn’t spur any awkwardness. They’re back to their regular bonding and playful harutan while cleaning the house or having Kobie’s Tagalog tutorials. 

Nearing Andrea’s birthday, Kobie even joked with the other housemates that they would prank Andrea by pretending to forget her birthday but really he had a special surprise in store for her. 



He planned a birthday feast where Andrea can celebrate with the housemates. It made Andrea overjoyed, most especially when the boys danced with her one by one. The last one to take her hand to the dancefloor was her beloved friend Kobie. 

We all found it super kilig, of course, but we did not expect Kobie to give a sweet wish for the beautiful birthday girl. It goes: “Thank you for being an amazing bestfriend to me. When I first saw you when you walked through the door, I really thought we weren’t gonna be close. Yeah, I remember the first time we probably started talking. You taught me how to be ‘jejemon’ and ever since then, we got even closer. Whenever we talk, it makes me happy. You’re my best friend from the girls talaga. I hope we get even closer. I love you, Andi. I love you so much.”  



Aside from heartwarming moments like this, we also enjoyed the tasks Kobie took on. When the housemates were asked who they considered as the laziest boy and girl in their group, Kobie was the one chosen for the boys while Jie-Ann for the girls. Although he did not believe he was a lazy person, he admitted he has his moments like everyone. For the sake of the task, he took it for the group and bravely accepted whatever Kuya had in store — specifically wearing an adult diaper and sleeping the whole day.



Kobie’s quick reaction to take on a challenge is common for him. Kuya once asked each and every housemate if they would be willing to take on his dare. They do not know what it is, but what they do know is that it will have a huge reward if they succeed, but an equally devastating punishment if they lose. 

From the get go, Kobie was ready to take it on. Being the first to enter the confession room to tell Kuya his decision, he explained why he easily opted to undertake the unknown task “I came here to step out of my comfort zone, try everything new, and whatever happens, Kuya, I’m gonna try my best. I’m gonna try and be my best and if not, I know I tried. I’m up for the challenge, Kuya, whatever it is.”



The fearless Kobie did take on any challenge up until the very last Karapat-dapat Challenge, where he was left to battle it out with his best guy friend in the house, Chico. After the intense competition, Kobie won and emerged as the last Big Four finalist. 

With the Big Night coming up, surely Kobie will utilize his determination and tenacity in the hopes to become Big Winner. Do you think he has what it takes? Find out in the finale episode on Sunday, March 14! Catch it on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.