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All housemates up for eviction after Kyron exits PBB Connect

After Kyron Aguilera was named as the seventh evictee on PBB Connect, the remaining housemates will receive more heartbreaking news as they enter another week inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.

Last night’s (February 7) eviction was another close fight among all three nominees that left the Shy Biker Boy ng Butuan in third place with only 11.19% of combined Kumu and text votes. Gail got the most number of votes with 16.18% followed by Ralph with 13.70%. 

As Kyron departed the house, his former housemates will take on the ‘ligtask’ challenge called “Game of Hearts,” where they have to win three games for a chance to save themselves from the possibility of getting evicted this week.  

Meanwhile, Big Brother’s “Chisquiz” task set Twitter on fire recently as Ralph and Gail matched quotes uttered by housemates about a fellow housemate, which became intensely emotional. 

Big Brother’s quiz challenge sparked conversations on Twitter that served as a reminder to viewers that communication plays a vital role in relationships. The activity also underscored the importance of owning up to one’s mistakes and being careful of one’s words.  

The hashtag #PBBChisQuizPa and the names of some housemates like Alyssa, Andrea, Ella, Gail, Kobie, Quincy, and Ralph quickly topped Twitter trends on Saturday as the tension-filled episode unfolded.

Netizens also commended the housemates for being true to themselves, while others noted how the housemates showed humility and accountability for their mistakes.

During the episode, Big Brother gave Ella an advice on how to deal with the things she heard from fellow housemates. Ella was one of the housemates who had the courage to listen to what the others were saying about her.  

“Minsan mahirap talaga malaman kung ano ang mga iniisip ng ibang tao tungkol sa'yo. Baka kailangan mo ring mag-isip kung ano ba talaga ang dahilan nito. Dahil baka ang mga sinasabi sa'yo, doon mangagaling ang tunay na pagbabago, doon mangagaling ang tunay na pagkakaibigan, at pagsasama. At doon din makikilala ang sarili mo ng lubusan.” 

How will the ‘Chisquiz’ task affect the relationship of the housemates? Who will emerge victorious in the “Game of Hearts?” 

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