ShaiBie’s sisig date & PBB experience

Former Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 celebrity housemates Albie Casiño and Shanaia Gomez shared what they feel about the wild support they’ve been receiving, plus the real story behind their ‘sisig’ date and upcoming ‘collabs.’

Albie was ‘shookt’ when he was welcomed by the outside world with intriguing questions about Shanaia, “Nataranta ako nang slight paglabas ko ng bahay.” He tried as much as possible to evade these topics as a respect to the 19-year-old actress, who was still inside Bahay Ni Kuya. He only let loose when Shanaia got evicted. 

Shanaia was also surprised by “ShaiBie” comments on her newsfeed as soon as she got out of the PBB house, “Akala ko wala na, like people forgot about it already.”  She had no idea it would be this wild but, of course, she’s happy.

They also talked about the ‘sisig date’ that made ShaiBie fans crazy. Albie said it started during a weekly task where the housemates must cook and serve specialty dishes for their online restaurant, so he suggested sisig. He confidently asked everyone “Who doesn’t like sisig?” to which Shanaia replied, “I don’t like sisig.” Albie could not believe somebody would say ‘no’ to it, so he thought of changing Shanaia’s perspective by making her taste the best sisig once they’re out. 

Then, in a “PBB Kumulitan” episode a few weeks ago, Albie asked if Shanaia was still down to try it. She said ‘yes.’ The “date” finally happened this week, based on their social media updates. The verdict, however, wasn’t that good as Shanaia still didn’t like it. But Albie promised to look for other versions of the dish. We’ll be waiting for the next chapters of ShaiBie’s sisig chronicles!

Asked what they miss from their PBB stint, Albie looked back on downtime bonding moments at the garden area where they’d all laugh at Brenda Mage’s hilarious impersonations. Shanaia said ‘kuwentuhan’ is their favorite pastime since they have no cell phones to keep them distracted. She also misses hearing Kuya’s voice and the wake-up calls.

They have no regrets as housemates, although Albie thought he should’ve just enjoyed his stay. “I regret not enjoying my time there kasi nung week bago ako umalis, uwing-uwi na ako, which is true naman, pero I shouldn’t have manifested that energy so much. Sana in-enjoy ko muna, especially hanging out with the housemates,” he shared.

Albie and Shanaia are looking forward to working on a project together. Asked their choice of genre, he picked horror while she went for comedy. ShaiBie also welcomed the New Year with a promise to create more content, so Albie will make guest appearances on Shanaia’s vlog on YouTube. Also in their list of New Year’s resolutions is to take life more seriously which means less partying for Albie, but for Shanaia, she wants to enjoy 2022 more.