Kapamilya Snaps: 12 ex-PBB male housemates who became showbiz household names

Pinoy Big Brother may be hailing Big Winners every season, but all of its housemates are truly winners in life. They took the risk of joining the widely loved reality show and used it as a stepping-stone to achieve their dreams.

After their stint, most of them pursued the world of showbiz and amazingly became talented celebrities who are recognized by many. Just from the male roster, a number of them are now prominent stars!

Watch this Kapamilya Snaps video to get to know more about some former PBB housemates who are stellar actors today.

Sam Milby

Can you still remember that Sam was part of the first-ever PBB season way back in 2005? He wasn’t originally selected for the season and only entered as a replacement for a housemate who voluntarily exited because of personal reasons. Regardless, he was able to make his name known to the world through that opportunity.

Although he got evicted, countless projects awaited him in the outside world. He is now a multi-awarded actor and shines in different bida and kontrabida roles, which we were able to witness in his performances on Halik and Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin.

Gerald Anderson

No one can forget how audiences fell in love with the KimErald (Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson) tandem on PBB Teen Edition 1. Aside from their strong individual personalities, their sweet and genuine friendship allowed them to shine in Kuya’s house. So when they left, fans loved the shows they starred in such as Sana Maulit Muli, My Girl, Tayong Dalawa, Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo, and Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin. 

As individual stars, they were also able to show that they are masters of their craft. Gerald took on challenging roles such as the mentally-challenged Budoy in the series with the same name. His roles on NathanielA Soldier’s Heart, and Init Sa Magdamag are also notable ones that lead him to be recognized as a bankable actor.

Joshua Garcia

One of this generation’s ultimate crushes is Joshua Garcia. When he entered PBB All In, he was just a simple teenage boy that wanted to help his family financially. While many rooted for him, he wasn’t able to reach the finals during his season.

However, that didn’t stop Joshua from achieving his dreams to make it big in the entertainment industry. He attended workshops and trained hard until he was able to land major roles such as those in Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita, The Greatest Love, The Good Son, Ngayon at Kailanman, and The Killer Bride. He is also set to be the lead star on the highly anticipated series Viral Scandal and Darna.

Seth Fedelin

Seth is one of the rising young male stars today, and his journey all began in PBB Otso. His inspirational story and fiery tenacity propelled him far into the PBB rankings. Although he was unable to claim a spot in the Big Four, people already recognized the talent he had.

After leaving PBB, Seth was more than ready to start a career in acting. He started off with minor roles in Kadenang Ginto and FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano then strived his way into getting starring roles like his character Pio on Huwag Kang Mangamba.

Ryan Bang

Before Ryan became a comedic sensation, he was simply a housemate on PBB Teen Clash. Many adored how he truly loves the Filipino culture even if he is Korean. Eventually, he caught the hearts of many people and was able to end up as the 2nd Big Placer on the show.

Several opportunities lied ahead of him after the show. He appeared on various series such as Home Sweetie Home, Sana Dalawa Ang Puso, and Banana Sundae. After a while in the industry, he realized his potential for hosting and is one of the regular hosts on It’s Showtime.

Kit Thompson

La Vida Lena star Kit Thompson never gave up on his dreams. When he entered PBB Teen Edition 4, he was one of the housemates that got evicted early on. Despite this, he sought out various opportunities to build his career in acting. Now, he’s gaining praise for his talent and it’s thanks to his performance on Sino Ang Maysala? Mea Culpa and Pamilya Ko.

Edward Barber

Edward definitely had a rough start when he joined PBB Lucky Season 7. He just came from Germany and barely spoke Tagalog, so jumping into the Pinoy reality show was a challenge. With determination, he was able to prove his potential and skill to viewers nationwide. His adorable friendship with fellow housemate and now multi-talented star Maymay Entrata also began in the PBB house.

Today, Edward pursues hosting gigs and acting roles. His notable projects include La Luna Sangre, Wansapanataym Presents Ikaw ang GHOSTo Ko, and Hiwaga ng Kambat.

Yves Flores

Yves already considered it a big accomplishment to be chosen as a housemate on PBB Teen Edition 4, but that didn’t mean he would stop there. Every day, in the PBB house, he was determined to succeed. Although he wasn’t able to make it to the end, he knew he had the talent to thrive in the outside world.

He began with roles in Got To Believe, Forevermore, Be My Lady, and Hanggang Saan. As he gained experience and skills, he landed bigger parts, such as those in A Soldier’s Heart and Bagong Umaga. Soon, people will also see him shine as part of the cast of the KathNiel teleserye comeback, 2 Good 2 Be True.

Jameson Blake

We first met Kapamilya cutie Jameson Blake as a regular housemate on PBB 737. After his stint on the show, he had a knack for dancing and was invited to join the It’s Showtime all-male dance group Hashtags.

While he gained traction with his dancing, Jameson also pursued acting opportunities to hone his skill in that artistry. He appeared on My Dear Heart, A Love to Last, and Ngayon at Kailanman. His latest project is a starring role on upcoming series Viral Scandal.

Fumiya Sankai

Fumiya is one of the housemates of PBB Otso Batch 2 that managed to reach the finals. It’s also amazing because despite having a language barrier being Japanese, he was able to exemplify his sincerity. As he embarked in the Ultim8 Batch, he had a strong run but only got the 5th Big Placer spot.

Leaving the show, he tried his hand at acting and got roles in Home Sweetie Home: Extra Sweet and Make It With You. Now, he’s focused on hosting and is part of the new travel show Hello World.

Aljon Mendoza

Aljon was only part of PBB Otso for a while, but he was still able to make a mark on viewers. As he pursued acting opportunities, many recognized his talent for it. He started off with minor appearances such as his stint on Sandugo, but eventually worked his way into landing major projects such as his starring role on the iWantTFC original series Hoy, Love You and Viral Scandal.

Robi Domingo

Being the 2nd Big Placer of PBB Teen Edition Plus, many knew Robi would make it big. He had the personality and potential to be a showbiz star after his stint on the show.

Although he didn’t go into acting, he had a natural talent for hosting. He took on various gigs that eventually led him to major hosting projects on TV, namely The Voice of the Philippines, ASAP Natin ‘To, and Pinoy Big Brother.

Do you know other popular male stars that started their career in PBB?