Kapamilya Chat Jordan Raf Paolo PBB

For Pinoy Big Brother KUMUnity Season 10 ex-housemates Jordan Andrews from celebrity edition; Raf Juane, adult; and Paolo Alcantara, teen, joining the show was a life-changing experience not only because of the popularity that came after it but the lessons they brought in the outside world.

In this episode of Kapamilya Chat, Jordan, Raf, and Paolo said they miss bonding with their housemates inside Bahay Ni Kuya, as well as the tasks that challenged their physical and mental strength. They also miss Big Brother, of course!

Admittedly, they check the past episodes to reminisce and see how they behaved inside the house. Jordan skips the nomination videos. On the other hand, Raf watches them to know her housemates’ reasons for nominating her, so she can use them for self-improvement. Not that she regrets anything but Raf wishes she gave her all in the tasks.

Talking about regrets, Paolo acknowledged that he sounded a bit offensive sometimes. Jordan also thought he should’ve reacted differently at the time when the housemates were divided into two groups.

Jordan, Raf, and Paolo were surprised by the amount of supporters they’ve won after PBB. Raf thought she’d generate hate because of her “arte” ways while Jordan didn’t know anyone when he flew from London to Philippines. Hence, they’re shocked how Filipino fans loved them and related to their stories.

Entering the house, they had no strategy in mind other than being honest, although Jordan was admittedly playing safe at first since he was the last housemate to come in. For Raf, it was impossible to pretend to be somebody else because her brother-housemate Nathan Juane would notice. So she stuck by her true “baby girl” personality. Besides, Nathan inspired her to always be authentic.

At some point, Raf was hesitant over face to face nominations. If she had the choice, she wouldn’t want to cast her vote. But Kuya taught her to trust in her relationship with the housemates and that forgiveness will reign among them after the nomination.

Meanwhile, Jordan learned from Big Brother how to face his flaws and use them to become better. Paolo’s greatest learning from PBB is to be careful when dealing with people online, which is apt for teens like him today.

Jordan, Raf, and Paolo invite viewers to follow the remaining housemates’ road to the Big Night.